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Phase One of GAPS is Like a Cuddly Kitty… That Bites Between Meals

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Daddypotamus here. Or, should I say, there [look up]. That’s me. Or it could be. Because this kitty represents how I’ve felt all weekend. Only not as content. And with less back hair (promise).

Our house feels so very cozy.The grey skies are covered in a light blanket of chilly mist, but that’s not why I feel so sleepy. Credit for that goes to the Introduction Diet, i.e. phase one of the GAPS Diet. The purpose of Phase One is to heal my damaged gut lining before we begin work on changing the ecology in my digestive tract.

All I can confirm at this point is it makes me narcosleepy all day long.

Many of you are closely reading each new GAPS post, wondering whether the GAPS Diet is for you. And I commend you for that. If you decide this is for you, I want you to know what you’re getting into. Down the road I hope to be sharing about all the ways it has improved my life, but for now these first few days are just . . . hard.

The Update

We’re sleepy. We’re lethargic. Heather has modified her diet in order to keep up her milk supply. But she was really smart to start us off on a Saturday. That gave us a two day adjustment period before I felt the pressure to perform at work.

If you’re interested, I’ve lost about 10 pounds these past three weeks since I started GAPS. I’ve temporarily stopped doing P90X due to a lack of energy AND the fact that I wake up too relaxed to make it happen.

Do I feel any different mentally? It’s too early to tell. I think there’s a distinct difference since I switched from full GAPS to the formal Introductory Diet. I’m noticing I can breathe easier at night and my sinuses are clearer. There seems to be a bit more mental clarity, but that could simply be the result of the weekend off work. I’ll keep you posted.

This Kitty Bites

Two days into Phase One and I’m hearing the voice of Jack in the Box tempting me, luring me, calling me as I drive past.

Did I mention the biting? This weekend our children decided to attempt a whining chorus. I was not my friendliest self a couple times, which led to additional cuddles and hugs. Heather handled it better than I did… probably she was just so amazed that I was actually following through with this that the rest was no biggie.

Okay, so it’s really NOT that bad, except for between meals. Soups and stews can be hearty and satisfying at meal times, and that’s great. But between meals, when you get the munchies? There are no snacks right now. Just more stew. And tallow. Don’t get me started on the tallow. Trust me. Some things are better just left unsaid. **Gag.**

Should You Do the GAPS Diet?

Maybe you want to reverse the effects of autism in your child, or heal depression, ADD, schizophrenia or any number of things in your own life (or a spouse’s). The stories coming from families experiencing healing through GAPS are amazing, but is it right for you? Only you can decide that.

If you don’t mind, though, I’d like to offer some advice. If you are considering GAPS you have to REALLY want it. Either be SO SURE you’re doing the right thing (reading the book did this for us) or SO DESPERATE for change that you’re ready to commit for at least a few months.

I’m a real peach today, huh? :)

Are you considering GAPS? Have questions? Need recipes? Tell Mommypotamus what you want to hear about below!


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15 Responses to Phase One of GAPS is Like a Cuddly Kitty… That Bites Between Meals

  1. Morgan Mayes via FB says:

    You ARE a peach :) But please continue being honest, as I’m one of those following closely.

  2. Mary says:

    I signed up for the e-course on GAPS from Cheese Slave. I’ve come to the point where I want to change how I eat in a big way. I want to break the cycle of processed foods in my life and how they make me feel. I also want to be a healthier version of me by the time my hubby and I are ready to start a family. This seems like the best idea for me because it actually heals your digestive tract and I’m sure I’m done plenty of damage over the years. My symptoms are similar to yours and I look forward to seeing how you progess. I’m looking at starting in about a month and would welcome any recipes that Mommypotamus is willing to share =)

  3. AnnaD says:

    Really interested, considering (son has slight eczema and me not so slight) and following closely. We are visiting granny now so when we come back I plan to get and read the book, then probably do it myself..

  4. Kaitlin says:

    I understand what you mean. We decided we were going to start GAPS, but to transition into it slowly. We are in the process of reading the book, and decided to cut out just grains first. It’s been relatively easy to think up meals to cook (although I am running out of ideas and could use any RECIPES you guys have!) but I for one am starving about every three hours…and snacks are more of a challenge. I’ve also had random (but very strong) cravings like one for cheese and then another for peanut butter.

  5. Jennifer R. says:

    love hearing how it’s going! I’ve had the GAPS book for quite a while and feel like it’s the next step for my family (husband + 3 kids)… we are already gluten, corn, and dairy free so this seems like the next logical step. I’ve also signed up for Cara’s meal plan which is very helpful and hope to do Ann Marie’s class too. I’ve got lots to learn, but it’s all good and worth it in the long run!!

  6. Hannah Willette says:

    My family thought we were really healthy eaters. I mean we ate organic, whole grains, and even thought about the good fats in our diet. However, our eyes were opened to a new world when we read about the Paleo Diet. Have you heard of it? We were juggling between GAPS and Paleo for sometime.

    For our family- although we ate healthy and attended the gym regularly- we still were exhausted and feeling discomfort in some of the food we ate (dairy). So we gave Paleo a try…and unlike the GAP diet our first week in– we feel ALIVE! Its amazing. My once picky eater (Levi who is 2 years old) is begging me to eat broccoli and blueberries instead of pounding a bagel. I notice my performance at the gym has increased too.

    So my questions goes like this… Why did you end up choosing the GAP? I read in past posts about Daddypotamus… have you considered another alternative such as the Paleo. Forgive for not giving GAPS more credit in this blog. I am just confused why you are suffering so much?

  7. Debbie says:

    I started the GAPS intro in November and was shocked at how bad I really felt. Don’t worry, it gets better : ). Detox baths (Apple cider vinegar is my favorite) and castor oil packs help tremendously.

    Now I really enjoy my food and have a normal appetite after years of “drugging out” with food. I am also starting to get my energy back after feeling horribly depressed for about 5-6 years. Be encouraged!

  8. Vanessa Stegner says:

    LOVE the honesty…keep it coming. I am really following this as well. I just don’t want my little guy to lose to much weight if we do it.

  9. Alicia says:

    I have a question concerning kids. WE just finished one full day on the intro diet and this morning both kids woke up vomiting and nausea. Is this a side effect or possibly the stomach bug? THe youngest is only on the full GAPS, while the oldest and myself are on the intro. THe fact that they both woke this way at the same time…I have no clue. I have given them homemade applesauce with no sugar added in small doses. I think I remember Cara saying somewhere that she did that with her kids when they showed signs of ketosis. Just concerned as to what I should do. Should I stick it out and give them ginger tea and applesauce until they feel like eatting meat again? Or should I back off the intro and just wait until symptoms go away? Any advice from those who have done this with kids would be great! Mine are ages 6 & 3. We are doing it because one has food allergies and the other has IBS and constipation really BAD! Thanks for any help!

    • Heather says:

      So sorry they are feeling bad! Unfortunately I can’t really say what ya’ll should do. It could be so many things (ketosis, a stomach bug, etc) and your family is totally unique. I think you should do what your mama instinct tells you and/or call a GAPS practitioner. Hope they feel better soon!

    • Caroline says:

      Hi Alicia,
      Funny I just read about this (Heather, hope it’s okay that I include this info from another blog.) I’m horrible at summarizing sometimes, since I’m a detail-a-holic. So below is a long excerpt from the post that I hope you find helpful.

      “….7-yr-old threw up this morning. And 11-yr-old is threatening to do so.

      I read up a bit on vomiting during Intro, especially with kids. It could be a ‘shock’ to their system to go to such healthy foods. It could be a reaction to a specific food. It could be a stomach bug. It could be that their blood sugar dropped because they aren’t eating as many carbs as they are used to. Dr. Campbell-McBride* says to try apple or orange juice in very small quantities if blood sugar is suspected so we’ll be giving that a go today. And we’re going to try REALLY hard to make sure they eat more of the veggies in the soup and not let them just pick out the meat.

      *this is her full statement from “Vomiting can be a sign of hypoglycaemia: as we cut out many carbohydrates in a person with an overgrowth of yeast, it is easy for the blood sugar to drop too low. In that case give your child some apple or orange juice and see if it helps. Freshly pressed juice from apple or orange with carrot is best, but if the situation is urgent use a commercial juice. If this measure helps, then use this juice in as small an amount as possible to remedy the nausea and vomiting, when it happens (ice lollies or ice cubes, made in advance from freshly pressed juice, may provide immediate help). In the long run stick to the diet and make sure that your child has plenty of animal fats: they will regulate the blood sugar level. Allow your child to eat often and in small amounts (to graze) to keep the blood sugar steady, rather than insisting on set meal times. As the die-off subsides, so will the nausea and vomiting. Ginger tea is a known remedy for nausea; use it as a drink between meals.”

  10. lnielson says:

    Thanks, I’m just getting started after procrastinating a long time. I knew I need to start and read the book and put it off, but finally jumped in. Finding so many bloggers like you with suggestions and recipes has really helped!

  11. Sarah says:

    Hey! I’m on day three or four of intro diet and REALLY ready to start introducing more foods. I’ve been doing the fermented juices in soups, making tons of bone broths ($$$) and maybe I’m not eating enough or something, I feel full but soup and veggies and bone marrow is hard to wrap my head around. But I woke up feeling great! Best stool ever, ate some cranberry gelatin and a pork roast stew broth with veggies for breakfast and then I got crazy nauseous out of nowhere. Hasn’t happened to met yet. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or the cranberries but where are these gaps people we can talk to! I’m gonna try some OJ maybe, see if that helps.


  12. Jeff says:

    Gaps stage one sweets: coconut oil and raw honey mixed and set in the fridge in chocolate moulds.

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