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Random Advice Woman

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Hello, my name is Random Advice Woman. You see me on the street and stop to ask my advice. Why? Because at the moment I look like I know what I’m doing and you want a tip. That’s cool. The only problem is, I’m pretty sure you don’t want my advice. Not really.

Neither did the young woman who stopped me at Sprout’s the other day. While Katie and I are cruising through the pasta aisle she strikes up a conversation. “Wow! You have a baby and you look soooo good.” I look at her, a little baffled. I’m pretty sure my hair and makeup is a mess and I’ve been wearing the same shirt for two days. Oh, she means I’m thin, I realize.

She’s newly pregnant, so I decide not to tell her the whole truth. That would be mean. No one wants to hear that how they look will soon take a distant second (more like 5th or 15th) in importance to how many nights it’s been since she slept for more than 2 consecutive hours. She’s still got stars in her eyes and she should. No one could have ever told me how much I would love Katie and that she would be worth every sacrifice I have made, but if someone had told me about them in detail ahead of time I’m not sure I would’ve had the courage to do it! So I mumble something about green smoothies, fish oil and exercise. “Oh, and definitely breastfeeding. In fact, I’m still breastfeeding my daughter,” I say.

Horror flickered across her face, but she politely smiled. Note to Self: Stop admitting to strangers that Katie is still nursing. Just kidding.

I know YOU have a burning question for Random Advice Woman. Send it my way and I’ll give it my best shot!

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10 Responses to Random Advice Woman

  1. Daniel (Daddypotamus) says:

    Yeah. Admitting the breastfeeding thing is probably not your best move. It still weirds me out to think of kids older than 1 breastfeeding, but I can’t help it. I have never known of anyone who has done that. You learn boundaries and limits from the people around you.

  2. Des says:

    How do you have the resolve to do it for so long? For some reason, I am not digging breastfeeding this time around and I have no idea why?! It’s only been 6 weeks, how am I going to last another minimum of 5 more months? I have made a pact to myself to keep going till at least 6 months and then after that see how much longer I can go. I know the benefits, but I miss the independence after awhile.
    Also, what’s your favorite type of baby sling?

  3. Heather says:

    Thank you for the questions, Destiny! You have inspired two new posts (coming soon). By the way, I love the new pics of Shiloh. I want to pinch the rolls on his arms!

  4. Des says:

    Oh good! I just got a new ring sling and I like it, but am having trouble with the sitting up/facing me position and can’t master at all the sitting up/facing out. You should do a VLOG and demonstrate! :)

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    […] . . . and possibly volatile. Remember the reaction I got when I told a complete stranger that I was still breastfeeding my toddler? That produces […]

  6. Kate Saab says:

    Okay, I know this post is a year old but it’s new to me :). I just have to say that I love breast feeding my 20 month old toddler but I’m too embarrassed to tell strangers she’s still nursing. It’s kind of funny because my husband sure isn’t embarrassed and he makes a point to tell anyone who says anything about my small 23 week pregnant body that it’s because I’m eating for three :). Most of them just look at us confused after that – surely he didn’t mean she’s still nursing their little girl?!

    Okay, now I’m curious, how old is your daughter now, are you still breastfeeding, and can you write an entry on weaning? I’m trying to decide whether or not to completely wean my daughter before the baby comes. Tandum nursing scares me a little!


  7. Heather says:

    Hi Kate – My daughter is 28 months now and still nursing. It has become increasingly uncomfortable as she’s gotten older, but I know it’s really important to her and I am sticking with it. I am 18 weeks pregnant and although I know it is not for everyone I do plan on tandem nursing.

    Katie, my daughter, takes the concept for granted. Although we never discussed it I recently heard her tell my belly “I love you baby. When you come out I will hold you and mommy will nurse you on this breast and I will drink from this one.” I think that’s so sweet even though I know it will probably feel overwhelming when the time actually comes.

    Since Katie only nurses a few times a day (and none at night) I think I’ll be able to handle that part. I am more concerned with how I am ever going to rest when there are two children with different nap schedules. I love sleep. I miss sleep. I need to go to sleep right now ; – )

  8. Linda says:


    You are my hero. My first son wouldn’t latch onto the breast correctly so I pumped breastmilk & bottle fed him until I dried up at 6 weeks post-partum. He had SO many issues with formula, and I hated that I wasn’t able to nurse him. I was secretly glad that I wasn’t nursing/pumping anymore because I worked a full time job, and there wasn’t a clean, sanitary place to pump, but I still did hate him having so many stomach issues.

    I had our 2nd son at the end of August 2009, and I told my husband that I was going to do everything in my power to be able to nurse him. He latched on an hour after I delivered him, and he has been nursing like a champ ever since. In fact, he won’t take a bottle. I had tons of bags of pumped breastmilk from the beginning when I was so engorged with milk, and I had to throw it away. I’m so glad that I haven’t had to give him even an oz of formula, but I am sure having a hard time sticking with it. Especially since there are still nights that he gets up to nurse at night.

    How old was Katie before sleeping completely through the night? My 1st son started sleeping through the night @ 4 weeks, and has ever since. And my 2nd (the breastfed one) started sleeping through the night @ 4 weeks and stopped @ 11 weeks.

    My friend keeps telling me to put him on formula because obviously he needs more to get him through the night, but as much trouble as we had with the first, I can’t do it. And since I stay at home, I don’t see a reason that I can’t get up during the night. I just don’t want to :-)
    .-= Linda´s last blog ..Considering myself lucky =-.

  9. Our Sentiments says:

    I am a new reader, I am starting to read your wonderful posts on myths, I can’t wait to get through them all. I am glad you are doing this.

    I am also an ‘extending’ nursing mother. Our daughter is 3 (and almost a half) and still going on strange! I don’t know when she will wean herself, but I am taking every nap and night nursing with joy and trying not to get frustrated with the daytime on and offs (so used to her sitting and nursing for hours, not anymore). The natural time at the time is such a small time when you compare to the rest of their lives. I always think to hold this time close, because one day she wont want a kiss in public or have me walk her to school. I will always remember when it was Mommy that made things right, and when I did not have to fight with saline solution or eye drops, just as long as a breast would do better.

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