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SAHM Day 1

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Sorry, no photos for this post. You are just going to have to use your imagination until I get my camera fixed or buy a new one. I am thinking about buying a really nice camera, but I’m not sure if all the bells and whistles will be wasted on me. If I do buy a nice one, then maybe I will capture life with my child(ren) the way MckMama does. Then again, I have no idea what do do with all those lenses, so maybe not.

Apparently, at rest is just not a mode I slide into easily. Especially when there is, ya know, housework to be done. So today Katie and I sorted and organized all her clothes and then stored them according to size. It took a huge chunk of the day because Katie has TONS of clothes. For those of you that see her often, I know she pretty much wears the same stuff over and over. That’s because no one (me) has sorted her clothes in months to find out what fits, and so she wears the same approved clothing over and over. Because we all know what happens if daddy’s and grandparents go it alone.

Not a super-exciting day, but I am so glad to be home with my girl for good.

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