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Cleanse Recipe Book

on November 10 by

Cleansing CAN Be An Enjoyable Experience!

Hi, I’m Heather (aka the Mommypotamus). When my husband decided to do the Standard Process Cleanse I thought the universe had flipped inside out. My husband? The man that LOVES food, and yet he was prepared to suffer through the cleanse for the sake of better health.  Did it really have to be that way? I didn’t think so, which is why I made it my mission to create recipes that go way beyond your average “cleanse food.” Our cleansing experience became a time to revel in the flavor of fresh produce, savory sauces and crispy chips and it can for you, too!

Oh yes, I said chips!

Do you like chili? How about cajun-style blackened chicken, salsa,  guacamole, and fries? Then this book is for you. No boring recipes here – if my family wouldn’t eat it as part of our regular diet, it didn’t make it into the book!

Wondering what else this book has to offer? Take a peek inside!


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What are others saying about this book?

“My husband was very skeptical about this cleanse and is absolutely not a vegetarian and a huge eater . . . he LOVED these recipes. I have continued to make them”

~ Lynn

Note: Lynn emailed me months after she finished the cleanse to ask me for a replacement copy of the guide. Her hard drive had crashed and her husband was still requesting the recipes!

The recipes were a refreshing taste of “real food” while on the cleanse. The Lentil Stew made our tummies feel full and nourished.  That feeling of true satiation was so comforting.  It was nice to whip up this recipe, smell the flavorful scents throughout the house and snack on small bowls throughout the day.

My husband and boys keep requesting this dish; we’ll definitely use this one, (as well as all of your recipes) as a staple recipe in our home on a regular basis.  The texture and flavor of the parsnip fries truly tasted like the real thing to us. I loved the lightly crunchy and salty outside with a soft inside. My 3 year old begged for the entire pan of “fwench fwies”!

I’m actually looking forward to another SP cleanse later this year just so I can incorporate and use all of your recipes!

~ Esther Vermillion

Absolutely loved the Rosemary garlic chips! So did everyone at work. It was definitely something I had to share with friends.

~ Rachel Renfroe

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