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I am showing. And so is my house . . . a lot. With less than a week before the first time homebuyer’s credit expires, we are getting a lot of traffic. We’re hoping for a good offer soon so I can stop cleaning like a madwoman! My stomach is actually sore from vacuuming so much.

In other news, my 21 week appointment was last Friday. I ***think*** I heard the heartbeat. It was really faint and hard to make out, though. Daniel definitely heard it, which was a miracle since Babypotamus kept kicking the fetoscope and my stomach was growling really loud. Plus, I couldn’t stop laughing at one of the fetoscope’s Dr. Cindy was using. It just looked so funny!

Katie had a great time with her bud Harper. One of the side benefits of being friends with my midwife is that she brings her child to entertain mine!

By now you can probably tell that this post is a little (okay, a lot) lackluster. That, my friends, is because I am more tired than a:

A) Cliche

B) Cat trying to bury it’s business in a frozen lake

C) Star Wars Parody

D) All of the above

D. Definitely D. Signing off for some much needed rest now.

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2 Responses to Showing

  1. Mae says:

    This made me smile, you are wonderful!
    .-= Mae´s last blog ..A morning in our garden =-.

  2. Daniel (Daddypotamus) says:

    I love that “cat trying to bury its business in a frozen lake.” truly awesome.
    .-= Daniel (Daddypotamus)´s last blog ..Art That Inspires A Sense of Mystery =-.

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