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Sick as a dog

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786745_11239691Since Katie was born, I have always wondered what would happen if I became temporarily incapacitated. Katie depends on me for EVERYTHING. Naptimes are my domain, especially because Katie is still breastfeeding. From dawn to dusk, there are a million things Katie needs that only I do for her. So what would happen if I couldn’t? This weekend I found out.

My husband has been AWESOME. He has found creative ways to make things work and just been there with me when nothing would work at all. He has been my rock this weekend.

Katie seems to feel a little betrayed. The illness has severely affected my milk supply and she seems to think I am intentionally holding out on her. I am hoping we can mend things over the next few days. Miserable as it has been, this weekend has served as a reminder of how amazing my family is. From my mom sacrificing several hours of her weekend to help us out to Daniel asking me a million times what I need, it has been impossible not to feel loved.

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One Response to Sick as a dog

  1. Daniel (Daddypotamus) says:

    It’s not that I did anything so special. It’s that I tried to buffer your misery with comfort. I realized that all our specialized methods for childcare depend on you to run smoothly, and I’m screwed without you.

    You are the hub of this family. From you comes the most awesome healthy milk for our daughter, and the most awesome healthy meals to strengthen my body and brain function. You build us all up, and I desperately need you to be well. We’re only so-so family without you. You are the super in the equation.

    I’m so glad you are now feeling better.

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