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A couple of weeks ago Katie became the proud owner of a Little Mermaid camera. She has no idea who the Little Mermaid is, but she definitely knows photography. Because, ahem, I am one of those mamarazzi types that thinks every single event is photo worthy (including haircuts and the first time she drank  milk).

When she gets behind the camera she knows exactly what to do. Smello is her way of saying smile, and like me she “takes pictures” during meals, potty breaks and especially when I am still wearing my bread dough covered pajamas at 5pm.

Unfortunately, when I get in front of a real camera, I have no idea what to do. I hold my body awkwardly, make constipated looking expressions and basically look like a lanky pre-teen weirdo. Eventually I loosen up, but it still seems like a miracle when Daniel gets a normal looking picture of me.

It wasn’t always this way. Before becoming a mom I had a style I was comfortable with. I fixed my hair everyday*, but now I can barely remember how the one or two times I do attempt it each week. This will not do . . . I have maternity photos scheduled for next week! So, I am venturing out this morning in search of the elusive “it” factor. Hopefully I will be able to find some clothes that fit both my sense of style and my midsection.

* I am from Texas, and down here we “fix” a lot of things including hair and dinner. I tried to think of another way to say this that didn’t sound so southern but I couldn’t think of anything. I arranged my hair? How do you say it properly??

If you have any tips for how to make a photoshoot great, please leave a comment! Happy Friday!

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6 Responses to Smello!

  1. Drew @ How To Cook Like Your Grandmother says:

    Up north people “do” their hair.

  2. JamietheVeryWorstMissionary says:

    Yeah, I’m with Drew. California girls “do” hair and “make” dinner. 😉
    I rarely do my hair anymore either, and when I do, I try to make it last 2 days, which means no ponytail, which means no cleaning house. Hmmm, I just realized it would be in my best interest to do my hair WAY more often!

  3. Kathryn Nordyke says:

    I am usually terrible about doing my hair as well, BUT I finally cut it short and therefore it is always down and curly and takes less than 10 minutes to “do”. =)
    I think you should post some of your daughter’s photography on here. I’m always amazed and what my daughter thinks is fascinating.

    • Heather says:

      Kathryn – I love that idea. The only problem is Katie’s camera makes noises and stuff but doesn’t actually take pictures. Maybe I will try to find one of our old cameras for her to use, though!

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