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Standard Process Cleanse: Day 20 Recipes

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How exciting! We made it! Only one more day!

Breakfast: Dr. Cindy’s Smoothie

  • 2 tbs SP Complete
  • 2 tbs Whey Pro
  • 1/4 c banana
  • 1/4 c mango
  • 1/4 c cherries
  • 1 c coconut milk
  • fresh spinach
  • dash cinammon
  • dash nutritional yeast

Lunch: Bachelor Portobello Mushroom

Brad Slavin’s Bachelor Portobello Mushrooms

Sliced avocado


Leftover lentils

Dinner: Holy Basil Chicken


  • 1 pound boneless skinless chicken breast
  • 1 green bell pepper, seeded and sliced
  • 1 Tbs fish sauce or fermented soy sauce
  • 2 Tbs fresh basil, sliced
  • 1 jalapeno pepper, seeded
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1 onion, sliced
  • 1 red bell pepper, seeded and sliced
  • 2 Tbs oil
  • Brown rice, cooked (as much or as little as you want)


Puree 2 slices onion, 2 slices bell peppers, 2 cloves garlic, jalapeno, 1 Tbs oil in blender or food processor and set aside. Heat wok, add 1 Tbs oil and chicken. Stir-fry until chicken is almost done. Add pureed mixture to wok. Stir for one minute. Add remaining peppers and onions and stir-fry two more minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients (basil and fish sauce) and stir-fry one minute. Serve over brown rice.

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7 Responses to Standard Process Cleanse: Day 20 Recipes

  1. Heather says:

    Hi Heather! Love reading your blogs, although they do make me feel quite inadequate at times! *smile* How on Earth do you find the time to do all this? I signed up for the e-course at Nourished Kitchen and I’m excited, but already so overwhelmed that I sat down to make a meal plan and I literally froze up…I know you’ve been doing this for a while so can you give me some ideas as to how to take baby steps toward this way of cooking? I have a 16 month old and sometimes just getting ANYthing on the table is a miracle!

    • Heather says:

      Hi, Heather (feels weird typing that, doesn’t it?)!

      Where do I start? First of all, until about a year ago I would not have said that I love cooking, but I really do now. The more I have learned to cook from scratch the more addicted I get! The amount of time I spend in the kitchen is not necessary to create great meals . . . I just happen to like it (most of the time). This morning I made spelt crackers and as the fragrance filled the house I thought “Who needs candles? I LOVE the smell of something baking in the oven!”

      But to be realistic, what I do on a daily basis with the help of my 2.5 year old is going to change drastically in a few months when our second child is born. Believe me, I was NOT able to do this much when my daughter was 16 months!

      I signed up for the e-course too because I want to learn how to prepare nourishing meals more quickly with less fuss. Several DFW moms also signed up for the course and if you’re around here I would love us to meet up sometime and share stories about our experiments!

      Really, there are so many suggestions I have that I am going to have to write a blog post about it. A couple of ideas real quick: First, search my site for “Egg Drop Soup.” There’s a link to a recipe in one of my meal plans that is very nourishing and can be completely made in 10-15 minutes. It is one of my “go to” recipes for hectic days. Also, I build in easy recipe nights to balance out the more involved meals. I often bake bread in large batches and freeze it to use for sandwich night, which right now we have almost every week. We also frequently have an omelette night using local organic or pastured eggs.

      I recommend spending more time finding quality ingredients (truly grass-fed meat, raw milk and cheese, quality eggs, quality grains, etc.), because even when prepared in the simple ways they are truly delicious.

      If the meal I’m making will freeze well I often make a double batch. When I make pizza I try to make 2-4 so I have something to pull out quickly if life doesn’t go as expected. In winter I freeze extra chili and soups, etc.

      One final thought: My mom lives with us and lately we have found that taking one day to make bread, tortillas, mayonnaise, etc. for the week is very effective as far as time management goes. Obviously, most people don’t have a live-in Gigi, but sometimes when she is unavailable I hire a girl from my church to come play with Katie while I batch cook. It’s amazing what I can get done with even a couple of undisturbed hours . . . even when my precious daughter is playing within plain sight of me! That may be worth considering.

      Does any of this help?

      • Heather Ivers says:

        Thanks Heather! (Yep, it’s weird!) :)

        Your suggestions are definitely helpful, and so is your telling me that you weren’t able to do all this when Katie was Max’s age! It makes me feel a little better that I can’t be super woman, although I do feel like I have super woman syndrome. It leaves me pretty much unable to do anything, because I’m so hellbent on trying to do everything! LOL

        I live in Waxahachie, but I’m also friends with JB and Cindy so I do try to get to that area whenever I can…I would love to meet you and chat! There isn’t really a whole lot of the “natural family living” thing down here, at least from what I can tell, so it’s nice to have some like-minded moms to talk to.

        That egg drop soup recipe looks yummy…will have to try it soon!

        Thanks again,

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  3. Colopure says:

    That smoothie looks delicious, I think I am going to try that out this week when I start my cleanse process.

  4. Herbalchef says:

    Your recipes for the SP smoothies are very good. I’m a bit disappointed in the ebook, however. Not worth $19.95 for all those chips and very few recipes.

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