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Stories Worth Telling

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Photo Credit: Nelson Syozi

Sometimes I look at my life and I’m amazed. I never really envisioned all this: getting healthy, having kids, living with my mom as an adult. But my story, as unforseen as it was to me, is not really a dramatic one.

You want to know what is dramatic? How about a meth addict that uses for 70% of her pregnancy, gives birth, and . . . I won’t ruin the rest of Celina’s story for you. Check her out at Motherhood Saved My Life!: A blog about hope

Another story I couldn’t stop thinking about this week comes from Jaime the Very Worst Missionary. If you don’t know Jaime, she’s an ex-suburban housewife that packed up her life and moved to Costa Rica to become a missionary.  I’ll be the first to admit that some of the things she writes make me squirm. Reading her blog is a little like exfoliating. It’s gritty and sometimes uncomfortable. But when you’re finished you’ve got something fresh and new.

About a year ago I talked to Daniel about the possibility of becoming a foster parent or adopting. He wasn’t that interested, but after reading this post and this one he located every orphanage within a 30 mile radius of us. Seriously. Just a note: If you bother checking out the first post and it makes you feel all icky make sure you read the second one.

Well, that’s it! Happy Saturday!

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4 Responses to Stories Worth Telling

  1. Jill says:

    Thanks for these links – touched my heart as a mom of both domestic and international adoption! And, thanks for all of the great foodie tips – lovin’ them!

    • Heather says:

      Hi Jill, thanks for your comment. It intrigued me and I just HAD to pop over to your blog and see about a mom with both a domestic AND international adoption experience. Wow! I’m sure I’m missing a lot of the story but your photos and thoughts about the process are so beautiful.

  2. Meryl says:

    I loved reading Jaime’s blog. Fortunately God doesn’t do what is probable! But it is sobering to remember how much need there is out there, and how if we do not engage in our world and its problems, those probabilities are more likely to become realities.

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