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The Birth Next Door Giveaway Winner!!!

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Wise. Thoughtful. Strong. When I asked what you would tell your daughters about birth, I did not expect such poignancy . . . glory and pain and triumph and regrets. Like this one:

#1 thing we need to tell our daughters about birth? Everything! They need to know that birth IS. It is what it is, it hurts, it’s wonderful, fulfilling, natural, done at home. Not a medical emergency. That even though it hurts as it is happening, it’s nothing to be fearful of, nothing to hide from. As soon as your baby is out everything is better. Everything is right! Birth is love.

Shannon A.

Birth is love. You should write a book, Shannon, and I have the perfect thing to inspire you.

Congratulations Shannon A and  Kirsten V!! Grab some tissues and get ready for some happy tears! This book is amazing and oh-so-therapeutic.

Didn’t win?? You can buy your copy here!!

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One Response to The Birth Next Door Giveaway Winner!!!

  1. Kirsten says:

    Oh my goodness! Thank you! Can’t wait to sit down with this book during nap time some day soon! :)

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