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The Heal Thy Mouth Summit – 21 FREE Online Presentations By Top Dental And Health Experts

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cure a cavity

So, The Tooth Fairy Doesn’t Do Repair Jobs . . .

I triple-checked to make sure. You see, when my daughter Katie’s teeth began crumbling in her mouth I had to be talked down from a brief fantasy involving the tooth fairy and/or an unnecessary, toxic cosmetic procedure.

How did this happen to a child whose family eats a Weston A. Price-style diet? Who had never even had a processed food? It took me a long time to find the answer (it’s here, if you’re wondering), but fortunately I didn’t have to understand to take the next step. I bought a copy of Cure Tooth Decay and implemented Ramiel Nagel’s protocol. Though we were already doing most of the things he advised, I was able to make a few critical changes that helped her heal.

About a year later I took this photo.

cure a cavity

And since then I have taken a thousand or so more, all filled with her radiant, cavity-free smile. You can read more about what the dentist had to say about her transformation here, but make sure to come back because I have great news! Are you ready? Here it is:

If You Have Ever Wondered About Healing Cavities Naturally . . .

Detoxing from mercury safely, selecting the safest dental materials possible when needed, or raising cavity-free kids, the Heal Thy Mouth Summit – a FREE online conference – is starting soon! Not only will you get to watch 21 video presentations from the best-of-the-best holistic dental experts, you’ll get to ask them YOUR questions in a live Q&A after every session. You do not want to miss this!

Here’s just a little of what you have to look forward to:

  • Ramiel Nagel, the guy who literally wrote the book on curing tooth decay, will be sharing how to slash your risk of cavities by 40%, why supplements are not the answer, and what to eat to heal tooth decay. Like the other experts on the panel, he’ll also be answering your questions in a live Q&A!
  • Dr. Blanche Grube, owner of Centers for Healing and BioComp Labs, explains how to properly remove mercury fillings and determine the relative safety of various dental filling materials for our personal immune system
  • Dr. Bruce Fife breaks down the science behind oil pulling
  • Dr. Robert Gammal explains the dangers of root canals plus solutions if you have one
  • Dr. Victor Zeines, author of Your Tongue Never Lies, will enlighten us on how to gain insight into what’s going on within by looking in the mirror
  • Dr. David Kennedy will show us how to reduce our fluoride exposure – even how to water our gardens in a way that the plants don’t take up the fluoride from municipal water!
  • Dr. Julian Holmes will discuss how to ditch “drill and fill” dentistry, remineralizing filling materials, and the use of ozonated oils to address problem areas

Plus when you sign up you’ll get immediate access to a Smoking Teeth, a documentary about the reality behind mercury fillings.

Ready To Sign Up? Great! Here’s How It Works:

  • 3 presentations will be given each day for 7 days (January 13 – 19). Don’t worry if you forget – you’ll get an email reminder when the conference opens!
  • You’ll be able to get your questions answered via live Q&A sessions with the experts
  • Each presentation will be free online for 24 hours
  • You’ll be able to buy the whole Summit as a package with downloadable videos, transcripts, audio, bonus coupons and books

Sign up here → Free Heal Thy Mouth Summit



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12 Responses to The Heal Thy Mouth Summit – 21 FREE Online Presentations By Top Dental And Health Experts

  1. logan says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this information.

  2. Loretta | A Finn In The Kitchen says:

    This sounds awesome! I can’t wait!

  3. Kelsye says:

    This sounds awesome :)!!!!! I can’t wait to see this. My husband has 3 mercury fillings because his dentist at the time “didn’t do” white fillings. Even though that’s what he paid for. We are trying to find a dentist that removes them the right way. So far I have found none in Louisiana. Thanks for posting this wonderful summit:)

  4. Alexis D says:

    Looking forward to this in January!!!

  5. aerie says:

    I signed up for this as soon as I saw it mentioned on another blog! My 3 year somehow has early decay along the gumline of more than a couple molars, depite my commitment to whole foods and no processed crap her entire life. I felt so helpless as I watched it progress further and I am SO hoping I can learn enough to halt the process and hopefully reverse it/heal those teeth before she actually develops serious cavities! I’m now sitting down to read the posts you linked about your own experiences THANK YOU!!!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I am a WAP foodie and have also recently purchased Nagel’s book. My kids teeth look pretty bad, so your posts are invaluable to me. Would really like to know what you are referring to when you say, “I was able to make a few critical changes that helped her heal.” I’d like to compare your approach to mine. Frankly, I need encouragement (-: / )-:

    • Carleigh says:

      Hey there, so I watched the summit. I bought the cure tooth decay book. And I have both my kids on a wap diet, yet their teeth continue to decay before my eyes….I think I need actual details. What exactly did you feed your baby to heal her teeth and for how long? I mean daily like morning noon and night?

  7. SarahJane86 says:

    I haven’t actually read your blog, but can I ask if she was born prematurely? There is some evidence to suggest children born prior to 34 weeks are more at risk for dental problems due to lack of maternal calcium at that last stretch. Just a thought.

    • Heather says:

      No, she was born on the last day of the 42nd week of pregnancy. I practice natural family planning so I know the exact day she was conceived and I am sure about this :)

  8. Allison c says:

    I am having the same situation with my daughters teeth-and am ordering the book now! How long did it take to see improvement in the tooth surface?

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