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The Lonesome Lizard

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Dear Lonesome Lizard,

We’re sorry about your floor. Really, really, we are. Here is our very nice review.

Located in Old Town Keller, The Lonesome Lizard is a rustic little establishment that was named after its patron of sorts:

The restaurant was named “Lonesome Lizard” during a front patio brainstorm session. We have a burnt stump transplanted from Evant, Tx. Shortly after the stump arrived we noticed we had company. After some research we found out our new friend was a female “Texas Spiny Lizard”. She loves to sun bathe on the stump and was always alone i.e “Lonesome Lizard”, since then she has posed for many photo shoots for locals and passersby. So come by and see her on a sunny day and get a picture with her!

Chef Nate, the owner, stopped by our table to talk ingredients. Like most restaurants trying to use local, organic, and pastured ingredients, their menu is a work in progress. During the spring and summer months Lonesome Lizard buys as much produce as possible from Homestead Farms.  In addition, Chef Nate has plans to incorporate items from Latte Da Dairy soon and is already using a local supplier for their salad dressings. Really local, in fact. Just two doors down, Olivada Gourmet sells olive oil from Texas growers (and some organic stuff from California), tapenades, pesto and more. While the chicken on the menu is your ordinary mainstream variety, the beef is sometimes grass-fed (depending on what’s available) and the buffalo is always grass-fed.

The Menu

We started with the Good Ole Mushrooms — stuffed with buffalo and sausage, then topped with candied jalapenos and herb butter — which Daniel really enjoyed. For our main course Daniel opted for the not-so-local fettucini alfredo (his kryptonite, to be sure) and I ordered two salads featuring local ingredients. Both were delicious. The Local Salad, which was a bed of lettuce from Homestead Farms topped with a crabcake, was spicy and delicious. Nate’s Pecan Spinach Salad, featuring Texas grown spinach and house sourdough croutons, was sweet and savory.

Oh, and about that apology…

Although we were enjoying ourselves immensely and considering another course, Katie cut short our date by announcing to Daddypotamus, “I’m teeteeing!!” It took Daniel a split second to comprehend what she was saying. All I heard was, “Nononononono!” I knew what that meant.

After grabbing napkins from the restroom and doing our best, we made our way to the door as quickly as possible ; – )

So… sorry again, Lonesome Lizard. Your crabcake IS wonderful.

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One Response to The Lonesome Lizard

  1. Laura says:

    How embarassing! LOL!

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