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The “Un-Going Away Party” {DFW Mamas Invited!}

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Ultimately, I Think . . .

The greatest compliment you can pay the planners of a surprise party is to have absolutely no clue. And of course, the best way to prove that you have no clue is to show up with no makeup in a sweaty sports bra with a caribiner strapped to your hip. Like, um, this:

Causha: “Don’t you want to put a  . . . shirt on?

Me: “We just spent two hours climbing fake rocks in a warehouse. I’ll stick to the sports bra, thankyouverymuch.”

Causha: “Are you sure? The breeze is pretty strong now.”

Me: “It’s ONE HUNDRED AND THREE degrees outside and your car has no A/C. I’m good.”

Causha: “But don’t you . . . “


And there you go. Purple sports bra + embarrassing photo op with your crush’s parents = huge party planner compliment

The Thing Is . . .

I **may** have a little trouble inviting people to parties when I am the birthday girl, so if it weren’t for the shenanigans of my friends my last party would have been in 1993. Being the “moving away” girl is not so easy either . . . it just feels so weird to ask you to show up on my account. That’s why I’m throwing and Un-Going Away Party which, if you are wondering, is exactly like a going away parting except it’s all about seeing YOU instead of US. :) Andy by us I mean the three uh-MAZing reasons you should absolutely come!

There’s Daddypotamus (who talks more than I do), my friendly little Katie (who randomly hugged a woman while waiting in the line for the lieu yesterday), and of course Micah (who is currently renaming everything in the DFW metroplex “Bubble”). See? Three GREAT reasons!

So if you’re free this Saturday (March 24) anytime between 9-12, please stop by the playground at Chisolm Park in Hurst. Whether we are longtime friends or FB friends that should’ve met in real life a long time ago I want to see your face. And maybe squeeze you. And possibly feed you.

Can you make it? If you are a “yes” or a “maybe” (we know plans sometimes change), please let me know!

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28 Responses to The “Un-Going Away Party” {DFW Mamas Invited!}

  1. Can you make it??? If you are a “yes” or a “maybe” (we get changes of plans) please let me know!

  2. Can you make it??? If you are a “yes” or a “maybe” (we get changes of plans) please let me know!

  3. Nicole says:

    I’m SO coming! Want some more okra? :-D

  4. Julie Charbonnet Whetstine via FB


    i’m a maybe — surely have to meet you before you go!

  5. Julie Charbonnet Whetstine via FB


    i’m a maybe — surely have to meet you before you go!

  6. Rachel Karr via FB


    We are a maybe! :)

  7. Rachel Karr via FB


    We are a maybe! :)

  8. bethany


    My new hubby and I are a maybe :)

  9. And if you want all the info about what real food to feed your baby when, check put my chart at Products-Nourishing Healthy Babies Chart!! Be well!

  10. We have dance from 10-11 up in Flower Mound, but we could probably make it over there for the last 30 minutes of the shindig. We love a good excuse to party!

  11. Amy Michelle Latham via FB


    My daughters and I are a maybe! :)

  12. Alison


    Yes! I’ll come squeeze your neck and give you a hard time. ;) (I’m kidding about the last part!)

  13. Monica Corrado – Was this post meant for a different link? I LOVE your chart but I’m a little confused :)

  14. Hi there
    Sorry, didn’t remember the link so I sent folks to my new website. Here’s the link: :))

  15. Margo Snider via FB


    Yes, maybe!

  16. Esther says:

    We are a “maybe”…would love to hug you and see your precious family one more time!

  17. Wish I could come :( Sounds fun!

  18. We might be a “definitely maybe”. :) Through a weird series of events we have a chiro appt tomorrow morning. Wouldn’t normally make the drive to the mid-cities on a day I can snuggle in with my hubby, but looks like we will do it tomorrow. :)

  19. I wanted to try and make it but with Gymnastics class for Willa and I teach a dance lesson after that… doesn’t look like I can squeeze it in : ( Have fun!

  20. Mellanie says:

    We have two other events tomorrow but are going to try hard to swing by.

  21. We would love to see you, Sunny Britting Espanet!

  22. We would love to see you, Sunny Britting Espanet!

  23. Awww, too bad Elizabeth ‘Chandler’ Rock! I totally understand, though!

  24. I wish I could! But sadly, Missouri is a little far away from Texas…

    If you’re ever up this way let me know! I would love to pick your brain about natural hygiene sometime.

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