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Real Food For Game Day

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Real Food For Game Day

People Often Ask . . .

How I got my junk-food loving husband to get on board with a real food diet. It’s simply, really:

I seduced him.

Ahem. I mean I seduced his palate and his imagination with all his favorites, real foodified. If you’re gearing up for game day this weekend and you have a real food skeptic coming over, give these recipes a try!

Chips & Dips

Real Food For Game Day

This jalapeno popper dip takes a little planning since you have to make your own cottage cheese, but YUM! Not that I’m really surprised considering the recipe calls for almost an entire stick of butter.

Check out the recipe here.

Real Food For Game DayCreamy Mexican Dip Without The Velveeta!

This queso dip from Food Renegade is pure awesomeness. Serve it with organic corn chips, grain-free tortilla chips or  homemade tortillas.

If you want to skip the canned diced tomatoes and green chilies, make it from scratch using this recipe.

Get the queso recipe here

 Best Tex-Mex Salsa EverReal Food For Game Day

Oh my, I think my lack of humility is showing!

Truth be told, though, this is not really my recipe. It’s the way just about everyone I know makes it back home.

Get the recipe

Real Food For Game DayParmesan Crisps

Ridiculously easy to make and perfect for dipping, these crisps are a great alternative to potato chips.

Seriously, we are talking one ingredient and a few minutes of your time here. Try these.

Get the recipe


Buffalo Wings

Buffalo-Chicken-Wings-with-text (2)


Holistic Squid has an amazing recipe for this quintessential game snack. Get it here.

Mini paleo buffalo chicken sandwiches from Ditch The Wheat

Salty Finger Foods

Real Food For Game Day

Did you know that popcorn has higher levels of polyphenols (antioxidants) than most fruits? It’s true. According to The Healthy Home Economist it’s one of the healthiest snacks you can eat.

Of course, we’re not talking about the microwaveable stuff whose vapors can cause irreversible and possibly life threatening lung damage. We’re talking about air popped corn drizzled in real butter, made in a whirly pop, or on the stove. Don’t overdo it as too much can irritate the digestive tract, but if you’re not grain-free definitely pop some up this Sunday!

Crispy Nuts Real Food For Game Day

Looking for something with a little extra crunch factor? Check out these paleo spiced nuts from Elana’s Pantry.

Check out the recipe here

Real Food For Game DaySourdough Pretzel Bites

If you have some sourdough starter on hand, make up these pretzel bites! I love her trick for making them extra chewy.

Get the recipe here.

These Italian pocket sandwiches look good, too, if you can find quality sourdough baguettes.

Hearty Chili Recipes


First up is my ultimate beef and liver chili. Now, before you automatically skip on to the next one read this!

“I made your liver chili from your book Nourished Baby! [It’s the same one linked to above] The first time I made it I didn’t tell that it was liver. My husband unknowingly said it was the best chili he ever had. He even requests it if I wait too long to make it. He went to the farmer’s market last week just to get the liver so I would make it!”

~ Chelsea

Also worth considering:

Real Food For Game DayOne pot paleo chili from Grass Fed Girl

This recipe from DIY Natural also looks ah-MAZing, but I would modify the recipe to use traditionally soaked beans instead of canned ones

And this one from Jennifer of 20 Something Allergies and Counting . . . Down has an intriguing chipotle twist.

Though not technically chili, these fiery hot pork skewers pictured above are totally on my list.


Sweet Things

Real Food For Game Day

This grain-free cookie recipe is super chewy even without the addition of an egg, so if you run out of time in the kitchen just toss the dough on the living room table and let them dive in.

almond-butter-cups-recipe-2Sweet & Salty Almond Butter Cups

Love Reese’s peanut butter cups but not the corn syrup solids, nonfat milk and tertiary butylhydroquinone?

Here’s a recipe for a healthy homemade version.

Get the recipe here

Real Food For Game DayCinnamon Coconut Chips

I debated whether to put these under sweet things or chips because there’s an intriguing chili-lime variation that I want to try.

Since they’re so simple I guess I’ll do both!

Get the recipe

Real Food For Game DayGummy Stars

Oh yes, these are for kids of all ages. Just yesterday Daddypotamu came wandering in and said, “Where are the gummy stars you promised the kids?” When I told him the kids had already eaten them the look on his face said it all! Better make a double batch just to be safe.

Get the recipe here

Have fun this weekend, y’all! If you have a favorite Super Bowl snack recipe please share it below!

Photo Credit: esimpraim  cc,  jimnicholasZsuzsanna Kilianchotda

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10 Responses to Real Food For Game Day

  1. Loretta | A Finn In The Kitchen says:

    Three cheers for guilt-free superbowl foods! That first dip looks so enticing…

    • Heather says:

      Kristen’s recipes are AWESOME – I’ve been making the queso for years now and just love everything she comes up with.

  2. Kenedi - Real Food Whole Life says:

    Oh, these look delicious! Can’t wait to give them a try.

  3. Kellie says:

    I am just curious if you have a source regarding the possibility of GMO’s in Tabasco? This was a nightmare for me to read as I am a Tabasco lover. I wrote to the company and their response was that “to the best of their knowledge their products are made from materials that are not gentically modified and not derived from genetically modified foods.” I don’t like the to the best of their knowledge part but my love for Tabasco wants me to believe, lol.

  4. Kellie says:

    Ok thank you. Nothing is safe anymore:(. Do you have good source for vinegar that you could recommend?

  5. Soni says:

    I, too have a husband that must be won over by delicious food…thankfully, a traditional foods diet is nothing, if not very tasty! I love these holiday food round ups you do….I absolutely look forward to them. Thanks, heather!

  6. HaleyLeann says:

    Thank you! Thanks you! THANK YOU!!!

  7. Katie says:

    Gummy stars, cookie dough, and sourdough pretzel bites….all sound delish! This would be the most perfect Superbowl spread!

    — Katie

  8. Chara @ Stitching Hearts Together says:

    I discovered a home made from scratch onion dip on New Year’s Day- super easy and SO good. Remaking it for tomorrow so I can double check my measurements and share it with friends. :)

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