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To stinky with love

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When I met Daniel he was a fast-food loving, Dr Pepper drinking smoker (I know, I know). Obviously, what he needed in his life was someone to show him how to live healthy. Right.

Anyway, although I would never nag anyone like this now, I totally drove him nuts with detailed descriptions of how his lifestyle choices were affecting his health. And because he is so progressive and all, he actually listened to me! He knew he couldn’t tackle each lifestyle issue right then, but decided it was time to reduce the toxic load on his body.

He stopped wearing deoderant. Ya know, because it has aluminum in it, which has been linked to Alzheimer’s, breast cancer and other brain disorders. Not the “sacrifice” I would have chosen, but it was pretty clever on his part. Rather than give up something that would bother him, he ditched the product whose absence would bother me. A lot. Because it was a hot Texas summer.

Poor college student status prevented him from buying expensive natural alternatives. Since we’ve been married, though, he’s tried just about everything under the sun with no significant results. This summer, things got out of control. Now that we have a toddler we are outside a lot, sweating bullets and praying for Katie to take a long nap as our reward. By evening we smell like a whole gaggle of children who have been on the playground all morning. Do you know that smell? Blech!

All that is over now. I have found the solution and I’m sharing it with YOU!!! It’s so easy I can’t believe I missed it. Cheap, too.

Homemade Deoderant That Really Works

Mix equal parts aluminum-free baking soda and cornstarch. Mix in a little coconut oil . . . just enough to help the mixture form into a little ball. The baking soda and corn starch will keep you dry and the coconut oil
is moisturizing and has antibacterial properties to keep odor at bay.

I love you stinky!

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17 Responses to To stinky with love

  1. Daniel (Daddypotamus) says:

    I feel so…. loved. :)

    If the story of my smell can make a difference in this world, I welcome the opportunity with open armpits.

  2. Kristine says:

    Is this the deodorant that Katie was rubbing all over his belly?

  3. Daniel (Daddypotamus) says:

    No, that was Heather’s special web order deodorant that doesn’t work for jack.

  4. Russell Hemati says:

    This blog entry explained so much about hanging out with Daniel back in college. I can finally go to sleep at night – my questions answered.

    Harhar. :-)

  5. Charles Martin says:

    Okay, so you mix it until it forms a small ball, but I’m not clear on the application of the product… do you stick the ball under your arm and hold it there all day? Or do you apply it as you would any other deodorant?

  6. Amy says:

    Ok and how long does it last and how do you store it?

    • Heather says:

      Hi Amy! I’m not sure how long it lasts, but at least several months. I keep mine in a small jar and scoop it out with my fingertips to apply. Does that answer your question?

    • Daniel says:

      Amy, we store the deodorant in a reused glass jar (the size of a jelly jar). I just sits in our bathroom cupboard. I can’t speak to how long it lasts, but it definitely lasts until we use up a whole jar. I find that sometimes the consistency is a bit too runny for the first 3-5 days. Then it firms up and gets to just the right consistency and stays that way for several weeks. I suppose eventually it gets too dry. No idea how long that takes.

  7. Amy says:

    oh thank you for the quick response and that does answer my question. :)

  8. Kaila says:

    I love this recipe! I use an empty deodorant container-makes application so much easier!

  9. Nathan says:

    I love this idea and used it for awhile and it worked wonders until my lymph nodes in my neck started swelling up and I started getting rashes. If you guessed I was allergic to coconut, then you’re absolutely right! However, before I learned this I found a website that shared a great way to store and apply this method of deodorant. If you have an old stick of deodorant (if you don’t, go out and buy the cheapest solid stick of deodorant you can find) you can screw up the solid and then yank it out. Wash the container, mix your coconut deodorant, and pack it tightly back into your clean deodorant dispenser and stick it into the fridge to let it harden back up! Wahlah, your own homemade deodorant stick!

    Now, my question for you is if you know of anything that will work as a replacement for coconut oil since I’m allergic to it?

    P.S. – I also used natural cornstarch baby powder that had lavender oils and aloe mixed in with it instead of regular cornstarch. Worked well and smelled wonderful!

    • Heather says:

      I love how you spelled “wahlah” Nathan! To answer your question, I think olive oil would probably work, but you’d want to do smaller batches because it is not as shelf stable as coconut oil.

  10. Rachel says:

    Hi. I made a batch of deoderant using coconut oil, baking soda and arrowroot. I used it for a couple weeks when I noticed a small rash in my armpits, then a few little bumps along with the redness. I stopped using the homemade deoderant to see if that was the problem. Ive not used it for about a week and the bumps and rash are still there. Is there something I can do to relieve this and go on using DIY deoderant?

  11. Melody says:

    I notice that you state to use “aluminum-free” baking soda and corn starch. Is regular old arm & hammer baking soda (and store brands maybe?) aluminum free? Does not say one way or the other on the label. And what about Argo corn starch? Is it aluminum free? Please clarify. And can you use essential oils to fragrance the deodorant with? Thanks for your time!

  12. Daniel (Daddypotamus) says:

    You are oh so funny, Mister Hemati

  13. Heather says:

    Good question! Just break off a tiny piece of the ball and rub it in. It’s very light and will easily wash off your hands after application.

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