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Unexpected Blessings

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My friend Meredith wrote this awesome post about a special surprise she received and now I am inspired to share with you a few stories from my book!

When Daniel & I were newlyweds we had new tile laid in our entry-way. Our contractor was having a tough time financially. After praying about it, Daniel felt led to give him an extra $200 (about all that was in our account at the time). I totally did not want to, but I also didn’t want to get in the way of what God might be doing, so I went along with it. Pretty much the moment after the guy drove off I opened the fridge . . . empty. I turned around and said “Honey, when do you get paid next?” “Two weeks,” he tells me. TWO WEEKS! Daniel had basically given away our grocery money and I hadn’t realized it until it was too late! Like I said, we were newlyweds, so the budget thing was still a theory at this point.

Now, even though I wasn’t originally into it, when Daniel and I gave the gift I determined to do it with a cheerful heart. So when we realized what had happened, we chose to consider whatever we had to do (eat one meal a day or fast) an act of worship. Then we agreed not to tell anyone. We didn’t want to be like the pharisees in the Bible who fasted and wore sackcloth and made sure everyone knew about it.

That was a Friday, I think. Before the weekend was over our friend Marie showed up on our doorstep with big brown bag full of stuff for a gourmet meal . . . which she prepared! I don’t think that has ever happened to us before or since. Then, Daniel’s office hosted a party that was catered by Olive Garden and there was SO MUCH food left over that he brought it home and it fed us for two weeks. He brought home two full cheescakes people! We ate like royalty for FREE.

Okay, this next one does not make me look very good but it is still a good story. On this particular day I was in “remodel mode.” As in, I wanted to completely gut our house and have it beautiful yesterday. Remodel mode included a lot of whining. Specifically, I was whining to Daniel on the phone that our walls were totally barren and the light fixtures in our guest bathroom looked like disco globes from the 1970s. Daniel is at work. Apparently he cannot come home and do something about this immediately. Click. Ten minutes later my mom calls. Someone she knows was cleaning out someone else’s BARN and they found these beautiful NEW light fixtures and a few framed art pieces. Would I have any use for them? Again, my mom had no idea what was on my mind that day, but you know who did!

I could seriously go on and on with stories like this, but I’m going to stop now and spend some time with the hubby. Thanks Meredith for inspiring this trip down memory lane!

(By the way, can you believe how young we look in this photo? It was taken on our honeymoon. I miss being tan!)

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3 Responses to Unexpected Blessings

  1. Sassmarie says:

    I seem to recall that day, not the meal. Trying to forget the boy ;)!

  2. Daniel (Daddypotamus) says:

    Wow. Good memories. Good times. It’s easy to forget those moments of provision when life throws new challenges at us.

    I’m so glad to be home from SXSW. I had a blast, but there’s nothing like spending time with my ladies!

  3. meredith says:

    Awesome post. Love to hear stories about the way the Lord provides. Makes me want to give to everyone I know!

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