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Vacation for the Soul

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This week I had a dream. One of my most trusted friends and I were talking about vacations. She told me she knew the perfect spot for Daniel and I. It was somewhere I’d never heard of, so she pulled out a travel photography book and opened it to a specific page. It reads “Forgive. To forgive . . . great parking!!!

When I woke up I felt like my trusted friend (representing God) was telling me that the place of rest and relaxation I have been longing for is found in forgiveness. The best part is, since forgiveness is not exactly where the masses like to congregate, the parking is incredibly convenient. That’s right, the place of forgiveness is not a place any one of us will have to fight crowds to get to. We don’t need to make reservations ahead of time. Isn’t it funny that God would tell me a joke while pointing out an area of my life that needs to be cleansed? He is SO not intimidated by my pain or my faults.

Obviously, this dream was meant for me. There are several painful things in my life I am struggling to forgive. But maybe it’s for you, too. If so, I encourage you to download Jack Deere’s free sermons on the subject. He’s my pastor, and I like him because he’s not churchy. I’ve learned a lot about what forgiveness is and what it does from these sermons. Much of it was a complete surprise to me, and it may be to you.

By far, forgiving the people closest to us that have betrayed our trust is one of the most difficult choices imaginable. Next week Jack will explain how to complete the cycle of healing in the most intimate of circumstances. I am eagerly awaiting this message in the hopes that I will finally find the way to my secluded little vacation spot.

Apparently, forgiveness is the place to be. The road may be (let’s be honest) extremely painful, but past experience in this area tells me it will be worth it. If you’ve taken this journey before I’d love to know what inspired you to do it and if/how it changed your view of life.

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3 Responses to Vacation for the Soul

  1. Des says:

    oh wow. I totally just got that download.
    .-= Des´s last blog ..Under the Tuscan Sun =-.

  2. Heather says:

    Make sure you listen to part 2. He explains why it is so hard to forgive when we are still living with the consequences of someone else’s actions. For me, the way he demonstrates an understanding of this gives his perspective credibility whereas past sermons don’t seem to acknowledge the hurdles we have to overcome to really forgive. I trust a man that doesn’t oversimplify things into phrases like “just believe” or “just forgive.” That’s why I trust Jack.

  3. Vacation for the Soul: Part 2 Mommypotamus - Mommy Blogger - Organic Whole Foods Blog says:

    […] week I wrote about the journey of forgiveness I am on. If anyone is interested, part 3 of Jack’s sermon, “How to Forgive,” is […]

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