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Do Vaccines Cause SIDS?

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When Oxford Physician Alice Stewart . . .

Began investigating the alarming rise of childhood cancer in the 1950s, she had a bold idea: She would ask the mothers. Though today such an approach would be laughed at as “anecdotal” and “circumstantial,” Dr. Stewart believed mothers are tuned into details that doctors might overlook.

Only 35 questionnaires in, the pattern was clear.

Too many boiled sweets? No. General risks associated with poverty? No – in fact the children that were dying came mostly from wealthy families. Fish and chips? No. Only one thing stood out, and it was that most of the cancer victims had undergone “a single diagnostic [prenatal] X-ray, well within the exposure considered safe, [which] was enough almost to double the risk of early cancer.” (source)

Dr. Stewart was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine the following year, by five years time childhood cancer incidence was down by half, and everyone lived happily ever after. Or not.

“Enthusiasm for nuclear technology was at a high point in the 1950s, and radiography was being used for everything from treating acne and menstrual disorders to ascertaining shoe fit. X-rays, as Stewart put it, ‘were the favourite toy of the medical profession,'” and they were not going to give it up without a fight (source).

According to Margaret Heffernan, “The data was out there, it was open, it was freely available, but nobody wanted to know. A child a week was dying, but nothing changed . . . Alice Stewart had a very big fight on her hands.”

And fight she did. Through being blackballed from funding opportunities because of her stance, through a a 14-year battle with the U.S. Department of Energy, which cut off her access to its records when her research found results they didn’t like, and through ridicule from her peers she fought. (source)

Twenty-five years later the medical community finally acknowledged her research and abandoned the practice of using x-rays on pregnant women.

Wait, Isn’t This A Post About Vaccines and SIDS?

Yes, yes it is. Before we jump in, though, I felt it was important to tell Dr. Stewart’s story to remind us that sometimes things are true even when the medical community can’t or won’t see it. Is that the case with vaccines and SIDS? Well, to unravel that question I believe we need another story.

In 1985 Viera Scheibner, a principal research scientist in Australia, and her husband Leif Karlsson, an electronics engineer specializing in patient monitoring systems, developed a breathing monitor for babies thought to be at risk from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The monitor, which was called Cotwatch, is considered by many to be the “smoking gun” between vaccination and SIDS. In describing one of her case histories, Dr. Scheibner says:

This baby was put on our monitor before he was vaccinated, and for more than three weeks, there were hardly any alarms at all. Then suddenly, the mother recorded a whole series of alarms. We thought there was a defect in the monitor, and I sent a different unit, but the alarms continued. After one night when they had six alarms in 24 hours their pediatrician advised them to stop monitoring. But if you have alarms on certain days and no alarms on other days, it is not the equipment malfunctioning; there is good reason for alarms like that.

I transferred the baby’s forms onto a graph, but did not understand it at the time.

Viera Scheibner: Medical Research on SIDS and Epidemics

Scheibner and Karlsson continued collecting data and began compiling it into charts – and then it hit them. Of that first case study, Schibner says “Five years later, I telephoned the mother and asked her when the child was vaccinated. The first injection was given one day before these alarms started.” As they looked more closely at data collected from other babies they noticed clusters of stress induced breathing patterns following vaccination.

There are individual differences, and some children react more than others, but the pattern of flare-ups of stressed breathing follow the same pattern of critical days. The graphs show a number of days where there is no stress level in breathing; then comes day zero when the vaccine was administered. We see the effect of the vaccine within one hour, and the child’s stress level begins to go up and down. In all cases there was a 48 hour reaction after vaccination with a flare-up.

Then the stress level went down through the following days until around days five to seven when they had an increased stress level. One child had a reaction on day 7; one on day 5 and 6, so there are individual differences, but the general pattern of these reactions is the same. The stress level again went down; then there was another flare-up at day 16.

Of course, we continued to record the babies’ breathing after the sixteenth day. The stress level went down, and there was only a slight increase in the stress level towards the 24th day. These are the critical days. Even the onset of reactions like convulsions occur on these critical days. Even babies whose mothers recorded no fever or crying, had slightly increased stress level, on the same critical days as those babies who had stronger reactions. Two out of ten randomly picked babies had to be admitted to the hospital with serious breathing problems on these critical days.

Viera Scheibner: Medical Research on SIDS and Epidemics

Critics of the current vaccine program often point out the peak age for SIDS-related deaths (2-4 months) coincides exactly with the introduction of vaccines if the recommended schedule is followed. What we see here is that not only does there seem to be a direct correlation between vaccination and shallow breathing/apnea, the discovery of cycles of distress may explain something many experts say disproves the theory that vaccines cause SIDS. According to Scheibner’s data, days 46-47  often showed critical flare ups in babies. This is FAR beyond the typical scope for which researchers track reactions to vaccines, but it indicates that children’s immune systems can go through indefinite cycles of fighting/resting as they try to process the vaccine – this may explain why some SIDS babies don’t succumb until months after vaccination.

But wait, you may be saying. These kids may have had shallow breathing or apnea following vaccination, but they didn’t die of SIDS. While that’s true, I believe some would have if their parents hadn’t been alerted to the situation via the Cotwatch monitor and intervened. There are certainly far too many stories of children that have, like these three babies that died within days of their 4 month vaccination. You can find more on the mama who is suing via the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for her son Vance’s death here.

But Don’t Toxic Mattresses Cause SIDS?

As I wrote about earlier this week there’s certainly a lot of evidence indicating that’s the case, but I don’t think it’s an either/or thing. In fact, the two factors may be working synergistically to induce SIDS. Children often run fevers after vaccination, and a modest increase in body temperature could speed up the production of toxic gases by up to 10 times. (Source)

“Vaccines are known to cause fevers in babies (CDC 2001). These fevers can increase generation of the gases, exposing babies to higher concentrations. In addition, vaccines can lead to the depletion of vitamin C in a baby’s body (Hattersley 1993 and Pauling 1981), and damage the developing nervous and immune systems. Vaccines have also been shown to cause stressed breathing (Scheibner 1993), weakened immunity, and neurological damage (Neustaedter 1996), which can lower the baby’s ability to tolerate a given concentration of toxic gases.”

Healthy – SIDS Risk Factors

Could toxic gases be the cause in one case, vaccination in another, and both in other cases? I believe so. Though I have not been able to confirm them I have heard of children having fatal vaccine reactions on “safe” mattresses, and on the other the vaccine theory alone does not explain why the risk of SIDS nearly doubles with the birth of each child (the explanation that parents are likely to re-use the same mattress, allowing the fungus to become more established with the addition of each new little one seems to though)

SIDS is a rather elastic term that can have so many different root causes. However, I think the vaccines and toxic mattresses may account for the vast majority of cases. Here’s why:

According to Harris L.Coulter, PhD, “‘Crib death’ was so infrequent in the pre-vaccination era that it was not even mentioned in the statistics, but it started to climb in the 1950s with the spread of mass vaccination against diseases of childhood.” Guess what else came out in the 1950s? Yep, PVC mattresses containing arsenic, antimony and phosphorous!

Vaccine Deaths Intentionally Misclassified As SIDS

According to the Miller/Goldman study, SIDS deaths have increased in a linear fashion with the number of vaccines administered. At 12 vaccines the number of total infant deaths was around 3 per 1000 children. Double the number of vaccines and you almost double the death rate (see this graph for details). These researchers challenge the idea that the SIDS rate dropped in the 1990’s, claiming instead that the dip was due to infant deaths being re-classified as other Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths and later Shaken Baby Syndrome (which is thought to be vaccine-induce encephalitis).

“As Dawn Winkler, former Vice President of Concerned Parents for Vaccine Safety, points out, ‘The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has even compensated 93 families whose infants’ deaths were labeled SIDS because the parent had the evidence in the autopsy to prove the vaccine caused it. Yet, the cause of death listing as ‘SIDS’ was never changed on the death certificates of these 93 babies.'” (Source)

So, What Have We Not Covered Here?

A lot, I suppose! There are so many other cans of worms when it comes to vaccines: autism, asthma, herd immunity. I’m no expert, but I hope the information I’ve presented here will be helpful jumping off point as you do your own research. As the debate on vaccines rages on, I trust that you have the common sense to see beyond the conflicting studies and name calling and decide for yourself. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS or would like to be directed to further research, please leave them in the comments below for a follow-up Q&A next week. In the meantime, here are a few thoughts from folks who ARE experts!

My suspicion, which is shared by others in my profession, is that the nearly 10,000 SIDS deaths that occur in the United States each year are related to one or more of the vaccines that are routinely given children. The pertussis vaccine is the most likely villain, but it could also be one or more of the others.”

~ Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, MD, Author of How To Raise A Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor, Professor of Pediatrics, Community Health and Preventative Medicine, University of Illinios, College of Medicine

A study undertaken at the University of California, Los Angeles, under the sponsorship of the Food and Drug Administration, and which has been confirmed by other studies, links DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus) vaccination, and more specifically the pertussis component, to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). This study found that 53 of 145 SIDS victims whose families were interviewed had received a DPT vaccination within 4 weeks. The authors conclude that “the excess of deaths in the 24 hours and first week following immunization and the absence of deaths in the fourth week following immunizations were significant.” They call for more studies to substantiate their findings, despite the fact that this is already the third investigation, and all 3 have pointed in the same direction.

~ Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, 1983. Possible temporal association between diphtheria – tetanus toxoid – pertussis vaccination and sudden infantdeath syndrome. Baraff, L.J., Ablon, W.J., Weiss, R.C. (Source 1, Source 2)

These data show that DPT vaccination may be a generally unrecognised major cause of sudden infant and early childhood death, and that the risks of immunisation may outweigh its potential benefits. A need for re-evaluation and possible modification of current vaccination procedures is indicated by this study.”

~ William C. Torch, M.D., Director of Child Neurology, Department of Paediatrics, University of Nevada School of Medicine (Source: SIDS and Seizures by Harris L. Coulter, PhD)

x-ray photo credit

Disclaimer This information is purely for educational purposes and is NOT meant to be SIDS prevention advice. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Mommypotamus does NOT make ANY claims that using a non-toxic mattress or avoiding vaccines will prevent SIDS since this has not been 100% scientifically proven, and there can be other factors involved in SIDS. None of the information or options presented here are considered to be SIDS prevention advice or medical advice.

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165 Responses to Do Vaccines Cause SIDS?

  1. Erica says:

    Thank you Heather! This was wonderful.

  2. Chaya Sgro via FB says:

    I do not have time to read this!! :( :( I think that you are saying the same thing as what I believe to be true, but I wouldn’t know. Must make time!

  3. Sharon Braker via FB says:

    Interesting article.

  4. Ty-Megan Gross via FB says:

    Some are also suspecting that a good % of babies that die from SIDS actually had undiagnosed SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) which can cause respiratory failure at a young age. About 1 in 40 are carriers and with 2 carriers, they have a 1 in 4 chance of having a child with SMA. Not saying vaccines are not involved, just that there are SO many factors involved.

  5. I just shared this on my wall. Lord help me, I know I’m going to be attacked, but people NEED to read this stuff!

  6. Kristi says:

    I sit here with a HUGE pit in my stomach. After watching the movie “The Greater Good,” (at 8 months pregnant, no less) I balled as the baby in the movie died in an eerily similar fashion to my sister. 3 months old, at daycare and just weeks after being vaccinated. I knew there was a correlation with SIDS and vaccines but until watching that movie I never thought it might have been how/why Baby L died.

    3 years later, when my sister, Baby J, was born, she was put on that monitor. And it went off, all-the-time! To the point that my mom kept getting new monitors because they were supposedly broken. Unfortunately, the whole idea that the vaccines may have caused the SIDS death was poo-pooed and it didn’t even occur to my mom to track when the alarms went off.

    Every day, I hope and pray, that we will get a step closer to some honest-to-goodness research on the effects these vaccines are having on our children. But for now, the decision for me became very simple: SIDS is finite, a disease is not.

    • Heather says:

      Kristi, I am so sorry for your family’s loss. Though I can’t imagine how hard it was to watch I’m glad “The Greater Good” helped you put together the pieces. Thank you for sharing your story with us <3

    • Jessica says:

      Are those monitors still available? My 4.5 month old baby girl passed away on day 16 after getting her 4 month vaccinations. My husband had a vasectomy when Kate was about 2 months old because we were satisfied with two kids. Now, I don’t want my son to be an only child…. but I am TERRIFIED of having another baby because I think I will stay up all night every night in fear that a new baby could pass in their sleep too.

      • Michelle says:

        Jessica, I just came across this article as I was googling SIDS and vaccinations. I, too, lost my baby, a beautiful boy, to what I believe was a vaccine reaction that the coroner labeled “SIDS”. It was 22 years ago. He had his shots on Friday and was dead on Sunday. I am so sad for you and your husband. I know that even though your comment was made in December, your pain remains. I’m thinking/praying for you right now.

  7. Leanne says:

    Thank you for this compilation. I firmly believe that there is a connection between SIDS (which is basically just an unexplained death of an infant) and vaccines. Most SIDS doesn’t seem to happen to newborns, but happens later….coincidentally around vaccination time. We never did, and never will vaccinate our child. I swear that in 20 years NOBODY will be vaccinating their children. Just watch….you’ll see. Anything with this much controversy and so many questions has got to be wrong. And what about allergies, celiac (gluten intolerance), ezcema….all immune system disfunctions….why are our children’s immune systems disfunctional? Vaccines.

  8. Andrea Shorkey via FB says:

    When I woke up this morning I thought “I hope Heather posts the mattress follow up today!” and voila! =) lol
    Another great article! I had figured that this was where you were headed with the first blog, since I know your stance on vaccines and SIDS. Very interesting to incorporate the risks of mattresses and fungus also.
    I completely agree that a lot of vaccine related deaths are being misclassified as SIDS.
    Thank you for continuing to educate, and put the word out there about the risks of vaccines!! I’m grateful everyday to have found your blog! =)

  9. Bailey says:

    Thanks so much for this post, Heather!

  10. Monica says:

    We did not give our baby girl her two-month vaccinations because we were not sure yet of what we want to do. We are still doing research. I can honestly say that as a nurse, I used to totally dismiss that claim that vaccines are linked to autism. I was taught in school that vaccines are needed, and I received them didn’t I? Well, there were much fewer vaccines in 1990 than kids are given now. I gave flu vaccines to patients daily and I received it myself because my hospital required it (or I had to wear a mask October-March). I had never even heard of vaccines being linked to SIDS. Now that I’m a mom, I have a whole different perspective on vaccination. The thing that scares me is that it took 25 years for them to stop using xrays on pregnant women. That’s the same kind of thing that makes me want to avoid GMOs and vaccines. Who knows what we will find out 10 years from now.

    • Heather says:

      Exactly, Monica. The fact that it took 25 years to convince the medical community not to x-ray pregnant women just blows me away.

      • Leah says:

        ugh. My mom had an xray when she was in labor with me to see if her pelvis was big enough. I hope that my lifestyle can negate some of the damage from that.

  11. Leanne Scorah via FB says:

    Me too. Just shared it with a big mommy group. I know I’m gonna get an earful.

  12. Lori says:

    I really appreciate your information here, and look forward to any in the future that you may share. I specifically am looking for the most up-to-date studies, hopefully from scientific journals, that I can share with my doctor when she rolls her eyes as I say, “Yes, I refuse all immunizations.” It galls me when I am told to believe all the information that the CDC shares, which is apparently holy writ to the medical profession. Thanks again!

  13. ValerieH says:

    You presented the information very well. This is incredibly fascinating.

    When I told people that I didn’t want ultrasound during my pregnancies, they looked at me like I was crazy. My response was that they used to x-ray pregnant women until they found out it was dangerous. Because I was over 35 and very heavy, the doctors justified doing it because I was “high risk”. It’s tough to hold my ground.

    I recently had a conversation with someone who didn’t understand why parents don’t vaccinate. He convinced me he wanted to understand. I know him to be a spiritually conscious, open minded person. Yet, he wouldn’t listen to me. His point was that I am “gaming the system”. My kids benefit from herd immunity. (assuming vaccines work, right?) He didn’t want to hear that all the outbreaks are in vaccinated children. He actually wanted some kind of kumbaya moment where I open my heart and thank all those people who did vaccinate. I told him it was insulting to accuse me of being a free rider in life. His ears were closed. So strange.

    This isn’t like I read one article and made up my mind. Going against the status quo is taking on more responsibility because I don’t have the safety net of following doctor’s advice. You can do everything right and still have things go wrong. Life has no guarantees.

  14. Thank you for sharing, Carole Harris Hayes and Leanne Scorah. It is such a hard thing to bring up, but mamas need to know.

  15. Ty-Megan Gross – I agree. SIDS is really just another word for unexplained deaths, and though I think that the factors I’ve written about probably contribute a majority of the time there are definitely other factors.

  16. Lori says:

    Thanks for the article as it is very well-written. I am past child-bearing age (I’m 52), my kids are all raised, and I have 13 grandkids and counting. My oldest grandkids all had vaccines and most have allergies and asthma. Some of the younger kids have had vaccines, but spaced out and not on schedule. And one daughter is not vaxing her kids.
    Even when my kids were young I did not follow the vaccine schedule, though I did have them vaxed as I did not know how to have them exempted for school. The oldest child had horrible problems with his ears (had to have tubes), and child six came down with a blood disorder within 6 weeks of having vaccinations. I now know that her blood disorder (she’s been in remission since 1997) was most likely caused by the Pertussis or MMR vaccine, or the combination of both. She was 22 1/2 months old when diagnosed with Thrombocytopenia.
    I was very young when I had my oldest son back in 1975. I was 15 when he was born (and married!) and afraid to speak up for myself or my baby. I was not sure when my last period was and the doctors decided I was due in February of 1975. When my ‘due date’ came and I was not ready for delivery, they sent me to have an xray of my baby! I knew xrays were dangerous, did question this, but was assured it was ‘fine’, though I was not happy with it. The x-ray showed I had another month to go. He was born fine and is now 37 1/2 years old, healthy over-all, but I worry whether that xray as a baby will affect him (cancer) as he gets older.
    I had my next child at age 18 and was still mainly afraid to speak up. My husband was too backwards, too, and both of us had been raised ‘doctor knows best’. By the time I was 23 and had my third child, I had found my spine and my tongue! I ended up having this child and all others at home where I could control the outcomes and the procedures I wanted.
    Keep posting these well-informed articles as young women of child-bearing age need to know these things. I wish I had been better informed when I was young!

  17. Thank you Andrea Shorkey! I am so glad there are mamas like you who are willing to read, think and respond so thoughtfully so that we can all learn from each other.

  18. Ty-Megan Gross via FB says:

    Sorry, I feel the need many times to make sure people know that sometimes parents do all the “right” things and they still may have a sick child or a child that dies. There can be a lot of judgment towards parents that lose a child when we *think* we have the answers. I don’t think that’s what your post was doing at all, but just wanted to add my 2 cents. :)

  19. Mary says:

    This is a very tough subject for me. On one side I really don’t like hte numbe rof vaccines that babies get and I hate how it all hits their system at once and I would hate for something I subjected him to to harm him in any way. I also hate the idea of my son getting a disease that could have been prevented. Especially since some (not all) of the diseases that they vaccinate for can be life threatening. It is so tough because it seems like there’s no win-win situation. I actually left our first pediatrician because they required that we follow the CDC shot schedule if we wanted to stay at their practice. I just didn’t feel comfortable subjecting my 2 month old to 6 shots at once!!! I switched to a more holistic doctor that actually treats with herbs and essential oils whenever possible. She uses a delayed shot schedule where my son only gets 2 shots at a time. I felt good about that trade off until I started reading your article. How am I supposed to feel that I’m doing everything I possibly can for my son when he could either contract a potentially deadly disease from not getting vaccinated or he could possibly have a fatal reaction to one of the shots given to him? For now I just pray that God will protect my son and that He can see that I’m trying to do the best for my son and that he can protect him from any major adverse reactions to the delayed shot schedule..

    • Heather says:

      One thing to consider is whether vaccines really are preventing the diseases people claim they do. For example, people often talk about how awful polio was and how vaccines eradicated it, but new research indicates that the two strains of polio can actually recombine in the body to create a third strain and – you guessed it – induce polio!

      Not only that, but large outbreaks of diseases like measles in populations where almost everyone is vaccinated are well-documented, indicating the “protection” offered may not be what it has been presented to be. Going back to polio, it is possible that the disease is not quite as dormant as people think. In his article “Chronic Fatigue: The Hidden Polio Epidemic” Dr. William C. Douglas proposes that it is actually with us, just labeled differently:

      • Kelsey says:

        Hey Heather,

        I was wondering if you had any links or resources regarding the effectiveness (or more likely, ineffectiveness of dtap? I would very much appreciate any guidance you could offer so I can do some more research! I see a few comments about it here in the thread, but was wondering if you had any specific articles with stats and such?

        • Heather says:

          HI Kelsey! I have a ton of links to articles about outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations, but if you’re looking for something that gives a better overall perspective I suggest starting with the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC). Lots of good info there.

    • Renee says:

      Mary, Keep reading the articles about vaccines and the diseases. The more you read and understand the diseases the less you will be afraid of your child getting them. I stopped vaccines at 18 months with my oldest one and did not vaccinate my younger ones at all. I have never feared them getting a disease. We eat healthy, we are clean and we are really tuned into our kids. Even if they were to contract a disease I have full faith in their healthy immune system that is could be fought off. When you start reading the stats on how ineffective the vaccines are, and you can read this from the CDC’s own website, you will feel calmer about not vaccinating. It’s a tough decision not to vaccinate when you keep getting told you need to. But no one loves or cares for your baby more then you do!

  20. Stefanie Cruz via FB says:

    Very interesting! Thank you for writing this!

  21. Liz says:

    Thank you for posting! My husband and I battled with this issue before finally relenting by the 2 month visit…although that probably had more to do with 1) 2 hours of sleep a night 2) it was our first child and 3) we had a pushy pediatrician.

    I am curious if the vaccine related breathing problems can be mitigated by co-sleeping (heart rate, breathing regulation from mom due to proximity). I know people are split on the issue, but for my son it was the ONLY way he would sleep (or allow us to sleep!)

    • Renee says:

      I think you are really tuned into your baby when you co-sleep with them. I found mine never needed to cry, because we got on the same sleep cycles and I could sense their needs. I think we all got way more sleep!

  22. Stefanie Cruz via FB says:

    Also can you recommend a good organic mattress protector?

  23. Camille Luquette says:

    This is such great information that everyone needs to be aware of! Thank you for posting!!!

  24. Lori Bailey via FB says:

    I thank god every day for modern medicine and wish that parents would stop trying to spread distrust, fear, and paranoia in regards to vaccinations. I respect that everyone has the right to their own choice, but it astounds me that people would forgo something so vital that could save the life of their child or prevent their child from contracting illness.

  25. I respectfully disagree that I am trying to spread paranoia or fear, Lori Bailey. The studies I referenced and the opinions of medical doctors are valid resources, and they should be available to any parent seeking to make an informed decision.

  26. Sarah Klesko via FB says:

    Education conquers fear. Thank you for sharing this.

  27. I think the mass public/media/etc spreads more paranoia about the need for vaccines than the other way around. people SHOULD question these things. We should not ASSUME they are safe in all cases or that the current extremely aggressive schedule is safe. There are plenty of risks no matter what way you look at it.

    • Justin says:

      Agree 100% Katrina. Ive been looking at the pressure & media/propaganda in Australia regardung vaccinations. “Dont Let your Vaccinated Kids Play with Unvaccinated” was one of the campaigns … I mean, that is counter intuitive? Isnt a vacinated kid meant to be completely protected? Also, the fact that governments want to disallow unvaccinated parents benefits (social grants etc…) … sadly, they make the ‘choice’ harder on caring parents. We run a psychology practise & see first hand the effects on vaccine related PANDAS, how strong, healthy kids regress, sever irreversable autism linked directly to vaccination.

  28. Leah says:

    Thank you so much for this! I’m still unclear though on what a ‘safe’ mattress choice is. The mattress I have been saving for is an organic cotton/wool based mattress. I need to go back and re-read what you said about sheepskins….

  29. And there IS science that supports the notion that vaccines can and do cause harmful effects.

  30. Jessica says:

    There are so many potential causes linke to SIDS so I am thankful for all the medical research that is being done to discover how to reduce risks for unexplained deaths. Although I do think that there tends to be an assumption that people that dont vaccinate are more thoughtful about thier choices as parents, which does not always seem to be true. I very much researched the choices for my son and the opposing arguments for vaccinations, and after doing so, felt very confident in my choice to vaccinate. I have many friends that choose not to vaccinate and thier reasons are varied from medical concerns to simply peer pressure NOT to vaccinate. So be careful to assume that all of us “are just going along with the flow” or being brainwashed by the CDC if we vaccinate at our children.

    • Megan Samuelson says:

      Jessica, you took the words right out of my mouth. I, too, did a lot of research on the subject (and continue to research), and both my husband and I have come down on the side of vaccinations. It is possible to be a well-educated and conscientious mother and still choose to vaccinate!

    • Heather says:

      Hi Jessica! It is my hope that this post will be a jumping off point that will inspire other parents to do their research. Even if their conclusions are different from mine I still feel that a good, thoughtful discussion is worthwhile!

  31. Portia says:

    First off, I need to say that Heather, you are truly amazing. Your blog is an abyss of mind blowing information. I find myself searching for one topic and get completely side tracked by something else I found. You are complete and thorough and seem to never miss a beat. Many blogs that are meaningful, only hit the surface. Not you, you dive deep into the depths of it all to find truth. I thought I knew/understood a lot until I found your blog. You are simply amazing and for that, I am grateful to you.
    Okay, now on to the stupid question, :). Have you ever given your child ANY vaccination? I highly assume not but just thought I would ask. As much as I always had such a SICK feeling about them and felt so confident in my beliefs (after a few books and research), when it seems like the entire world is against you, you are easily guilted into doing it. The doctors made me feel as though my baby could die if I didn’t. I foolishly trusted what they had to say. Hell, even they believe what they are saying but that’s an entirely different topic. Anyway, I never followed the vaccine schedule…I always spaced them out and never did flu shots. I stopped allowing the poisoning to continue just recently although my children are now 5 and 8. I get sick to my stomach thinking about the harm I may have done. I can’t believe ME of all people actually gave in and allowed it. What’s done is done and I can’t turn back so here is my other silly question. Do you know of anyway to pull out the toxins? My husband and I started juicing veggies last fall and we have the kids do it as well along with your recommended fish oil and a quality probiotic. Is there anything other than building up the immune system you can think of? We juice a lot of cilantro because it’s supposed to pull heavy metals out of the body but I feel as though I should be doing more. Any info is greatly appreciated.

    • Heather says:

      HI Portia! I am not really familiar with any protocol’s for detoxing after vaccines, but maybe I should look into that :)

    • Brittney says:

      We have been seeing a “Certified Nutritional Counselor” and through her testing she does (I’m sorry, I can’t remember what it is called) she is able to tell what food supplements we need. My son had ALL the vaccinations right on schedule. He had an extremely poor immune system (was ALWAYS sick -puking randomly every 3-4 weeks) and tested for a really high level of metals. Since seeing the CNC, she has helped him greatly! His immune system is stronger (can’t remember the last time he puked) and she has helped “cleanse” out the heavy metals. She has lists of other people in her practice from all over the country. If you’d like, let me know what general area you are from and I can see if she can recommend someone!

  32. Laura Schwab says:

    Thank you once again for a great read. Thank you for having the guts to post this and get people thinking. Despite ‘concrete evidence’, I believe more and more people are beginning to question the number of vaccines recommended for their children, and the correlation of the increase in vaccines and the increase in the numerous neuro disorders etc. I believe we as parents should question EVERYTHING concerning our children. Food and Vaccines being at the top of that list. Way to go Mommypotamus.

  33. This piece has SEVERAL links to studies in regards to vaccines.

  34. Mommypotamus I thought your post was very informative! Thank you for sharing!

  35. Ashley Housley says:

    I have a question for the follow up Q&A post. In your research, did you come across anything suggesting what’s best to protect babies (and subsequent babies using used crib mattresses) from the nerve-gas-crib situation? I’m considering an organic mattress (the one I’m looking at from naturepedic uses baking soda and hydrated silica permanently bonded to cellulose as the fire retardand), an organic wool mattress (or some combination that requires no flame retardants), or a babe safe mattress cover? My concerns with organic mattresses are that harmful bacteria could still grow (thinking of the study stating SIDS mattresses had biofilms that were not necessarily the type of bacteria known to react with flame retardant chemicals), right? My concerns with wool are whether it is similar to sheepskin in it’s affinity to grow bad bacteria. My concerns with the babesafe cover is whether it keeps ALL off-gassing and chemical exposure concerns away, or just some? And does the babe safe itself expose the child to any less than ideal chemicals? If I invest in an organic mattress, I’d like to feel comfortable using it for subsequent babies. If I get a babe safe cover, I’d like to feel confident baby’s not inhaling or absorbing any chemicals! Thank you for these two posts!

  36. Thanks for sharing! I shall share too!

  37. hope you dont mind me attaching links to your threads :)
    (this is a great documentary about vaccines if you havent seen it yet!)

  38. Lisa Kistler via FB says:

    Do these studies pertain only the the DPT vaccine that was discontinued, or to the DTaP that is currently administered as well? I only see references to the DPT. What about those of us who live in areas with a high rate of pertussis who have chosen this as one of the very few vaccines we allow to be given to our children???

    • Heather says:

      Most of the kids getting whooping cough in CA and in WA state are fully vaccinated. The official thought (mind you, they’ve been thinking it, but not talking very loudly!) is that the pertussis virus has mutated and the vaccine is no longer effective. Also, the vaccine wears off after about 2 years for everyone, so very few adults actually have any vaccine-based pertussis immunity…but they still don’t catch it. Vaccines are basically a scam. My kids have had none, and thus far, they have been the healthiest kids I’ve ever seen (& I taught day care for years, so I’ve known lots of little kids!)

      So many of the diseases we’re all supposedly going to die of if we don’t vaccinate were 1. already very much on the way out before the vaccine came onto the market, 2. easily mitigated by good nutrition and proper care during the illness, and 3. were actually largely eliminated by better sanitation practices, just like most mother/newborn mortality was eliminated when the doctors learned to wash their hands and wear gloves!

  39. Michelle Seiler via FB says:

    Excellent article. Of course you know DPT is no longer given. I would love to see more recent quotes at the end of the article. Lisa. Kristler from what I understand, the strain of P causing outbreaks is not covered by the vaccine anyway. Maybe Mommypotamus can add some more info.

  40. Excellent post, Heather! I have shared it in the hopes that some of my readers will realize that they need to be better educated about the risks of vaccines. I really appreciate the research you put into this post and the courage it took to get the word out. :-)

  41. I heard the same Michelle. and the outbreaks are occurring in a high percentage of vaccinated children… something like 85-90% are vaccinated and fully on schedule.
    i heard there was an “outbreak” near where i live.. but i don’t personally know anyone who has caught it yet.

  42. Margo says:

    We had our daughter get one DPT shit at six months (no other vacs since that) thankfully I haven’t seen any repercussions in her health because of it. We do eat as clean as possible,take vitamins, probiotics, and changing and adding to our clean eating lifestyle bi by bit. But, last week a friend of mine got a note from her child’s church Sunday school saying the kids had been exposed to pertussis. My friend had noticed her child (5 yrs old) had a slight cough at night so she took him to the dr. The dr even said Im pretty sure it’s not pertussis but he had to run tests to make sure. Well he does have pertussis and this is a family that vaccinates on the regular schedule. Yes, I get the weirdo card from family because we don’t vaccinate and I’m adding this little story to my list of reasons why we dont vaccinate. Why pump your child full of chemicals to TRY to keep them from getting a disease they may get anyway? Thanks again Heather for being so diligent with your research!

  43. Melanie Riggs Lowe via FB says:

    We had a pertussis outbreak in San Diego and 2 out of 3 kids who got pertussis were fully vaccinated. That info came straight from the county health dept.

  44. Betsy says:

    Super great job! Thorough and well-referenced as usual. Thank you for the hard work. I am pro-natural-immunity. In my research there has been nothing that shows that vaccines work. There is simply no way to prove that someone didn’t get sick because of a vaccination, it may have been their natural immunity. Just remember, no matter which way you go, there are trade offs. With vaccinations, the immune system is stunted and your child may end up with asthma, allergies, chronic ear infections, ADD/ADHD, obesity, and on and on – common diseases from a weak immune system that are now epidemic among our young ones. Just ask the school nurse what they see more of? No vaccinations, you get a healthier and stronger immune system, thus a healthier child. The chances of an un-vaccinated child getting one of the “preventable diseases” is less than a vaccinated child – that is pure physiology – how the body functions. If vaccines work, vaccinated children would not get the ‘preventable disease.’ Yet they do. Artificial manipulation of the immune system with toxins does not work, and the results can be deadly.

  45. Lisa Kistler and Michelle Seiler – Great thoughts and questions! Though there is ample evidence that the DTaP is problematic I could not include everything because the post was already oh-so-long. The three babies whose deaths I mentioned received the DTaP rather than the DPT, and here is another story about a boy who proved in court that the DTaP gave their son epilepsy, which he eventually died from at age 7 ( Another link I considered including but didn’t because I was trying to go with sources that were as neutral as possible is this one that shows that the DTaP vaccine known as Tripedia actually lists SIDS as a possible side effect:

  46. Lisa Kistler via FB says:

    *Shudder* I thought I had done my research two years ago when I decided that DTaP, Pc, and HIB were the only vaccines we were allowing our son to have. My daughter is due for her two-month appointment at the end of the month, and I was going to do the same for her, but now I will be rethinking that. Even though it scares the living daylights out of me, thank you for this post.

    • Jessie says:

      After I stopped breathing the day I received my DTP shot, my mom refused to vaccinate my siblings until 6-9 years old. Her theory was they’d be old enough to fight off bad reactions. In fact, I believe her refusing to vaccinate me until I was 2 years old is what saved my life to begin with! So, maybe just hold off until they are older.

      • Justin says:

        I think logic needs to rule in these decisions. Does it make sense to put 69 toxic substances into a 2 day old infant?
        Formaldehyde, aluminium, ethyl (alcohol) mercury, borax, aborted tissue (RA27/3), Polysorbate 80 … look up each ingredient.

  47. Lisa Kistler via FB says:

    So here’s another question…if you don’t do the DTaP, what do you do if your child steps on a rusty nail? Do you choose to wait until that happens and go get a tetanus shot at that time instead of doing it as prevention? Just curious how others who choose not to vaccinate at all would handle something like this…b/c you never know what kids will get into. :)

  48. Julie says:

    Appreciating what you do!! awesome! Thank You!!

  49. Katrina Quitugua – Thanks for the PubMed resource, and I agree that “The Greater Good” is a must see.

  50. Thank you, Ty-Megan Gross. As always, your comments bring something unique and valuable to the conversation. <3

  51. Ashley Byer via FB says:

    Everyone always attributes the drop in SIDS to the “Back to Sleep” Campaign. The campaign to put babies to sleep on their backs. The statistics say that SIDS cases have dropped by 50% since that time. The Back to Sleep Campaign began in 1994.
    It is widely known that the original DTP vaccine had very high rates of reactivity including respiratory suppression and anaphylaxis. DTaP was approved by the FDA in 1991 and by 1997 the original DTP was no longer recommended for use in the US.
    Does the timing seem coincidental to anyone else?
    It is my personal belief that although DTaP is less reactive than DTP, it is still reactive. It seems fairly logical to assume switching from DTP to DTaP is more likely the reason for the reduction in SIDS.
    I would LOVE to see what would happen to SIDS cases if DTaP was not given at all, or at least delayed until after 1 year.

    • Jessie says:

      My mom found me not breathing less than 24 hours after receiving my first DTP shot around ’86

      I was lucky…I’d say I believe a connection, though!

    • Justin says:

      Medical patents only last 15 years … & surprise surpise, like clock work there is a ‘new’ scare just before every ‘new & improved’ vaccine is released. DTP was only replaced by DTaP due to the medical patent running out – to protect business & shareholder interests.

  52. Portia Drantch via FB says:

    Lori Bailey writes on her wall, “Vaccinations are parents greatest preventative tool to help keeping their children free from illness you blowhole.” Lori Bailey, with all due respect to your own opinion, the last I knew, exclusive breastfeeding followed by healthy/real food was our “greatest preventative tool”, not some violent mixture of toxins. Have you ever seen a list of ingredients in the vaccines? They are accessible on the manufacturer’s website if you look around a bit. It’s mind blowing. The only one spreading mistrust, fear, and paranoia is the pharmaceutical industry.

    • Justin says:

      Agreed – the list of ingredients is horrifying. 1 in 10 000 kids WILL have some sort of complications from vaccines. 1 in 31 kids today have autism, & 30% of that is correlated to vaccines. (those stats are UK based that ive found). Vacinations are not safe, there is risk, sometimes fatal.

  53. Michelle Seiler via FB says:

    Lisa Kistler, tetanus can only grow in an anaerobic environment, but if there is a deep puncture wound, making it bleed as much as possible will help flush out any bacteria. If tetanus could be suspected from the wound, a T only shot can be given at the time of injury.

  54. Susie says:

    BRAVO on the post. Mom to boy… 5 1/2. I never followed the “schedule” We switched to Dr. Jay Gordon’s office. Dr. Linda… THE BEST ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your hard work! I hope you are feeling the LOVE!!

  55. Elizabeth Parish Bruffey via FB says:

    This is great! Thank you – Josh Bruffey: I’d love for you to read so we can discuss the initial article and those linked in the comments :-)

  56. Mindy 'Tharp' Worley via FB says:

    Love it (as always!)! But I’m still wondering how to keep those nasty fungal fumes away from my baby?? Is there a specific kind of mattress that is a better option? Or a cover as some have mentioned?? Definitely know I’ll be buying a new mattress when number 3 comes around…so what kind do I get?!?

  57. Mindy ‘Tharp’ Worley – I’m working on a follow-up post with recommendations for next week :)

  58. Jossie Delgado via FB says:

    I LOVED this article and I want to share it on my page how do I do that?

  59. Thank you, Jossie Delgado! You can just click “share” if you want to share it on your personal page. Or if you have a business page you can log in and share that way! Thanks for spreading the word!

  60. Mindy 'Tharp' Worley via FB says:

    Oh good! I thought THIS was the follow up and I was like “awesome!…but now what about that mattress nastiness!” As always, THANK YOU for all your hard work and reasearch and heart to share. You are more appreciated than you will ever know! Blessings :)

  61. Gabi says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing this and working to educate parents on this crucial issue. We must protect our children from non-evidential, fear-based medicine. I’ve compiled a long list of resources, articles, clips and a richly footnoted paper on the issue of vaccination here:

  62. AngieandBrian Hull via FB says:

    Heather, your articles are always so thorough and well written/well researched!

  63. Lisa Kistler via FB says:

    Thank you, Michelle Seiler! I think that satisfies my paranoia. :)

  64. Bonnie says:

    Great read. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to educate us all. My son is past the vaccine age, however, this is is just too good to not share with others. If my son did not get the expected vaccinations he would be denied admission to the public school and spring/summer/winter camps. Schools make it mandatory to have certain vaccinations unless parents can claim a religious reason not to have the child vaccinated. Unfortunately, I could not home school my son.
    What are your thoughts on pushing past the mandatory school requirements and how can a parent successfully do so?

    • Heather says:

      It’s amazing how many “no shots, no school” public service announcements are made in the month of August as parents gear up for the school year, and I’m not just talking sheer volume here. It’s amazing because in 99% of cases it’s absolutely false!!! You know what is true, though? Schools get more money for higher vaccination rates, so it’s in the interest of their bottom line to convince you to do it. Is it in your child’s best interest? Now that’s another question altogether. You can find out more about the myth of mandatory school vaccinations at

  65. Michelle Jones via FB says:

    This was a great article. But as the vaccine controversy goes, I am torn. Having a nursing degree, I was taught the side of the medical world and I also practice holistic practices for our family. We chose to go with an alternative vaccination schedule for our daughter and started at 6 months with minimal vaccines. (one shot every month) But with all this said, I just can’t get myself to not vaccinate her but at the same time I wish I never had. I am so torn. I think why would the medical field do something to “hurt” people, didn’t they have good intentions when vaccinations were created? Just like the x-rays for pregnant women. Of course that was terrible and it did take them a while to figure that out but you can say that about so many things like birth control or now they are saying chemotherapy causes the cancer to be worse. So what to do with vaccinating children? I ‘ve personally have taken care of children with diseases from not being vaccinated and let me tell you they are not pretty and quite life threatening. But of course, I would never want to put toxins into my precious little girl and cause SIDS or Autism or any of the other horrible side effects from vaccines that can occur. I’ve been reading a lot about the GAPS diet and how certain children are prone to being effected by the toxins in the vaccines over other “healthy gut” children. So maybe it has more to do with how healthy the mother is when the baby is in the womb. Well sorry for my rambling but I hope we can get to the bottom of the vaccine controversy so we all can do what is best for our precious children.

  66. Ashley Byer via FB says:

    Regarding Tetanus: the T only vaccine will NOT help if there is an anerobic wound where Tetanus is a possibility. You need the TIG (tetanus immune globulin) injection. TIG is not actually a vaccine but actual tetanus antibodies that go straight to work in attacking any present tetanus.

  67. Lori Langone says:

    Mattress Wrapping Program Success in New Zealand

  68. Rose says:

    Great article. Thanks!
    I do have a question, though. I’ve seen a lot that states or at least questions the effectiveness of vaccines. Most of the examples these give are of polio already starting to drop before the vaccine and about how outbreaks are often in vaccinated people. But what about chickenpox? That one seems pretty cut and dry to me. When I was a kid, everyone got it. Now, not too many years out from widespread use of the vaccine, parents who are choosing not to vaccinate, but would rather have their child get chickenpox are having a hard time finding anyone their child can catch it from. This has always confused me. Would you be able to shed some light on this? Thanks!

  69. Allison Geib says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I did research on vaccines a couple years ago for a school project, and am convinced they are no good. However, I do want a safe way to inoculate my children against some of those diseases, especially as we travel do different countries frequently due to my and my husband’s work. Would you mind writing a blog sharing what your choice has been to when it comes to vaccines, and if you have found any options that are safer? I know there are some vaccine choices that use “safer” ingredients, but I’ve come to the point where I don’t trust anything.

  70. Maria says:

    You can research herbs and nutrient dense eating, that help fight diseases and makes our immunity strong. Like for instance, when one steps on a rusty nail, along with bleeding it out, soak it in Epsom Salt. That’s a natural cleanser. There are lots of things to do for our children to keep them from diseases. Our children have been exposed to whooping cough too many times, but never actually got it. When I knew they were exposed, I gave them lots of Vit C, Echinacea, Elderberry and Garlic ( which is a natural antibiotic ). They have always not gotten whooping cough. You have to give herbs diligently for a longer amount of time, and give them every hour, to be able to kick the sickness. All this to say, there are still times when we need doctors as for very serious things, natural remedies don’t work fast encough.

  71. Emily Brown says:

    Hi Heather,
    I have a story about vaccinations for myself and thought of it as I read through this article (excellent article, as always!!) It’s only relevant in regards to it being about vaccinations…not about SIDS…. but maybe someone will find it interesting or if it’s ever something that fits in any other articles, you are welcome to write about it (or give me a call and we’ll chat!) :)
    I was in nursing school in 2001, about to enter into my clinical years where I would be doing rounds in a hospital. Of course, there was a huge list of vaccinations I needed to have, but I was leery of them already at this point in my life. I was already working with children with autism and had learned in a microbiology class that any one vaccination will last well throughout your lifetime; the “boosters” are only litigation based.
    So, instead of getting all the needed vaccinations for my clinical rounds, I asked for titers to be drawn to test the level of immunity my body had. I faced roadblocks every step of the way, but it was always the same roadblock. About 5 levels of “authority” all pushed back, saying, “you’ll have to pay for that, but the vaccinations are free.” I knew the money would be well spent and eventually I was given the OK (I would never have allowed all the vaccinations to be given…I would have quit school if needed!) to have titers drawn. Turns out, I was OFF THE CHARTS immune to everything needed…..all from my 7 early childhood vaccinations (or was it 5? I can’t remember anymore). So, I was able to enter my clinical rounds with no added vaccinations! All my professors were amazed, but no special attention was drawn to it…..and if it was, it was only mentioned that I was so foolish as to pay for titers instead of get the free student vaccinations!
    Like I mentioned above, I’m no sure this story has much to do with your article….other than it’s about vaccinations. But, I know you’ll read it. :)
    take care,

  72. cristy says:

    I still wonder if following my pediatricians advice that my baby needed to be vaccinated and that vaccines dont cause autism or sids etc…thank God he is ok, but I still have mom guilt! Can you recommend a shot schedule or resources for the next child? I do want my children to be vaccinated but not all at once. Thanks!!

  73. Julie P says:

    Thank you for this info. I am 7 months pregnant right now and my husband and I had already decided against vaccines but this just confirmed what I had decided. I’ve done a lot of research and I hate the idea of putting all of the terrible ingredients they have into my newborn son. (Since I’ve read all of the info, I wouldn’t put it in myself so why would I put it into my tiny defenseless baby!?) I mean, they want to give the Hep B shot before we even leave the hospital! I posted a question on FB a few weeks ago, “Vaccines, For or against? WHY?” The response I got was crazy. It was about half and half but mostly my medical friends (nurses) were for it, and anyone else was against it. I have a cousin who vaccinated her kids and all I ever hear about is how they’re sick again, or need tubes in their ears, etc. In talking to people, those who didn’t vaccinate seem to have overall healthier kids and those who did vaccinate are constantly dealing with colds/flu/ear aches, etc. I understand you can still have a sickly child if you don’t vaccinate, but why compound it? I think it’s so important for people to be educated on the subject and not just go in with blind faith in your doctor. Our midwife warned us we would receive pressure from the pediatrician but we will stand firm :)

    • Heather says:

      Congratulations on your pregnancy, Julie! It is interesting that you would note the health of unvaccinated children versus those that have received vaccinations. Though many epidemiological studies indicated that there is no difference in health outcomes between these two groups, that finding is very misleading. “Control” groups who are “unvaccinated” are in actually vaccinated children who have not received the particular vaccine being tested. There has never been a large scale study comparing the health of children who have never received any vaccines vs. ones that have because the medical profession claims it would be unethical to withhold vaccines from some children for the sake of the study. Parents who are conscientious objectors to vaccinations have volunteered their children for such a study, but nothing has been undertaken. If vaccines are as safe and effective as pharmaceutical companies claim I would think they’d jump at a chance to prove that.

      • Justin says:

        Vaccines side by side trials cannot be done (ethics) but, monkey, dog and mice studies have been done. All show autism like (immune deficiency) results. Autism is related to infection and neuron death accross the blood brain barrier.

        – Rhesus Monkey trial (Dr L Hewetson), monkeys have autism like reaction to MMR vaccines (Univesity of Pittsburg Vacccine study). Published in Acta Neurobiological 2010. Used vaccine exposed and saline injected control groups. Had MRI and PET scans to confirm. Monkeys also showed same gastrointestinal issues described by Dr Wakefield.

        – Scientific evidence of vaccine damage in dogs (Purdue School of Veternary Medicine). Tested vaccines to see if life threatening immune mediated desieses would occure. Found that vac dogs systems were attacking their own fibronectin (tissue repair, cell growth), developed antibodies against their own DNA. They developed auto immune desiese when vac.

        – Neurological adverse events in vacination (Department of Paed Rehabilitation, University of Bialystok). Says adverse effects manifest 48 hours after vac, hyper responsive episodes, post vaccinal encephalitis, encephalopathy, autism. Adjuvant makes system attack it’s own tissue, brain. Autoimmunity and Autism are closely related.

  74. annalise says:

    My son is almost a year and hasn’t had any vaccines. He is a very strong healthy boy who has never had a fever or any major illness, only 2 colds (during cold season). Granted I breastfed him too so he could get all the good antibodies out of that. The difference between him and our friends baby who is the same age and has had all his vaccines is crazy… that baby always got really high fevers after his shots, has had double ear infections, and hasn’t gained any weight in the past 6 months (not the parents fault they just did what there doctor said). I think that people really need to inform themselves on vaccines.

    • Heather says:

      I would love to see a large scale study done that explores this issue, Annalise! At five and two neither of my unvaccinated children have ever had an ear infection or required antibiotics, which is a total turnaround from my childhood experience. Studies that say there is no difference in health outcomes between children who receive “X” vaccine or don’t receive “X” vaccine are misleading – the “control” groups used by pharmaceutical companies are children who have been vaccinated against everything except “X” vaccine that is being tested! They say conducting a study to determine health outcomes between 100% unvaxed children and those who receive vaccines is unethical because they don’t want to withhold this “lifesaving” technology. I say there are plenty of kids we could study whose parents won’t vaccinated them regardless so let’s just do the study already!

      • Jill C says:

        I would too, Heather. I have had four children, and have only not vaccinated the last one. My first three children all had chronic ear infections, and my third child had an autism diagnosis at the age of three (he began receiving services, however, at 18 months – he has now made a complete recovery, is an independent adult and just got married on Saturday). My sister and I were both vaxxed, and I had chronically poor health until about two years ago when I finally had my tonsils removed. My sister has an auto-immune disease. But my youngest child, who is completely un-vaxxed, and is ten months old, has had three colds and a stomach flu in her short life, but has completely recovered from everything with NO secondary infections.
        And I am here to tell you that chronic illness deeply affects every aspect of your life, your ability to be an employee – everything. My life is simply far, far less than what it could have been had I not been chronically ill (ear & throat infections several times a year for over forty years).

        • Jessica says:

          I don’t mean to be rude but I feel like it needs to be said that everyone reacts to vaccinations differently, and the cause of ear infections is not going to be just because of a vaccine. My son is 20 months old and has had all of his vaccinations on schedule (minus chicken pox, rotavirus, and the flu shots). He has never had a single ear infection, fever, or even crabby-ness after getting vaccinated. He has had his fair share of colds and the flu once or twice, but has never gotten an ear infection because of it, and none of his sicknesses came from being vaccinated.

          Ear infections usually come for different reasons, as I’m sure you all know. Blaming a child’s health and entire well being on vaccinations is sketchy at best, especially when I see kids like my son having no reaction what so ever.

          However, it saddens me that the pro-vaccine crowd is so apt to criticize and reject any comment or argument from those in the anti-vaccine crowd. I wish there was an initiative to at least take a new look at vaccines and study the possibility of changing the ingredients to find a safer and less harmful (for a lack of better term) tool to help eradicate serious illnesses like polio and others. That being said what happens to the few should be there help change things for the better, but should not be used to spread fear since it is the minority that have serious reactions to them. Thank you Heather, for being one to bring serious scientific evidence to light, I just hope we can all be thoughtful in how we handle the lives of our children, and not just be fear-mongering parents.

      • Justin says:

        I would love to also see a controlled study Heather – vacinated vs unvacinated. But, sadly, I dont think this will ever be done… Big Parma knows what these are doing & their biggest weapon in pressure & insecurity of parents.

        Ive read a few interesting things on Germ Theory too – that the actual underlying assumptions on vaccines is wrong – that is from immunologists themselves.

        I think that having proper trials & scientific evidence would prove that Pharmalogical companies have being poisening us all along.

        The EXACT same thing happened with smoking – Tobacco companies denied that it was causing lung cancer – for 30 years they refused to conduct trials. Until leaked documents showed they were aware all along.

  75. Beth says:

    I’ve been following the heated vaccine debate since my daughter had a severe vaccine reaction that started 30 mins after her shots in 2002. Her reaction was immediate 30 mins post shots with 6 hours of screaming like she had the worst pain of her life, and the effects were prolonged with loss of eye contact, ceased coo’ing and much more. I have read a TON on the subject of vaccines and the myth that they are the safest and most studied medical intervention there is. But I have never come across this data about Viera Schibner and her husband and their experience with his Cotwatch product and their observations pre and post vaccination. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS!

    • Heather says:

      Thank you for sharing about your daughter reaction, Beth. Statistics don’t mean much to people, but stories do. It is from courageous parents like you than I first started to question vaccines, and for that I am very grateful.

      • Jamie says:

        Here is a story – I have a friend that was in a bad car accident, she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt, and in this instance, that is what saved her life. However, she and I both wear now wear our seat belts because 99 times out of 100 wearing one is far safer than not. In very rare instances vaccines may cause harm, but you are much more likely to come to harm by not vaccinating.

        • Justin says:

          If Toyota for instance had a recall on their cars that caused 1 death to every 10 000 cars sold, there would be an outcry & boycott on there products.

          According to UK stats, 1 in 10 000 kids WILL have some sort of sever complications from vaccines. 1 in 31 kids today have autism, & 30% of that is correlated to vaccines. Vacinations are not safe, there is risk, sometimes fatal.

  76. Rae L says:

    I am currently 9 months pregnant with my 3rd child and curious if anyone has ever delayed the vaccine schedule. I delayed the Hep B shot until the one month check up with my 2nd child and pushed off others so that he wasn’t getting so many at once. Would that be a good recommendation, and if so, how long could or should a parent delay vaccines? Six months? One year? Are some better to refuse altogether than others? My kids (ages 9 & 4 yrs) go to public school in Wyoming and I’ve never tried to waive vaccines before, so I’m wondering if there is a good middle ground I can find in working with the system while protecting my kids from the risks of vaccines. Thank you for your help and advice.

    • At the age of 44, my husband 46, we have never had vaccinations. Our parents have never had vaccinations nor our siblings.
      Our daughters 17 and 10 have never been vaccinated. We found a pediatrician that would allow us to not vaccinate. We have seen too many children become sick and pass away from them. There is no way I would allow any of us to be vaccinated.
      A book to read…A Shot In The Dark by Harris Coulter

    • Shawn says:

      It is my understand that it might be best to wait until the age of 2 because that is when the myelin sheath is fully formed. The best thing to do is get your hands on as many resources pro and con so you can to make an informed decision. You know your family and children best.

  77. Amy Floyd says:

    I would also like to see a study comparing SIDS in unvaccinated children vs SIDS in vaccinated children. We are a non-vax family for the same reasons as many here. I trust God’s design of our immunity more than man’s. But I do want to remind others that just because you don’t vax, it doesn’t mean that your kids will always be healthy. We are a non-vax, homebirth, cosleeping, clean eating, exclusive breastfeeding family and our oldest daughter had lymphoma at 6 years old (she’s doing great!). We even cloth-diapered her! And my youngest is 1 year old, exclusively breastfed, and he has had so many colds and 2 ear infections (no antibiotics though!) Sometimes that is the way it is. We can do all “the right things”, and still stuff happens. We live in a fallen world.

  78. Emily says:

    Two things to keep in mind in this discussion.
    1. Correlation is not causation.
    2. Anecdotal evidence is not scientific.

    • Wendy Lydall says:

      True, but as the vaccine industry has consistently refused to do a study that compares the incidence of SIDS in the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, anecdotal evidence is all we have.

      • Justin says:

        The parma giants have deep pockets, so, any findings could be misleading. I think though to look at the various cases of SIDS that have won in court, and have been paid out contributions from Pharmaceutical companies is revealing.

      • Justin says:

        100% True Wendy – but, Universities have done side by side Mice, Monkey & Dog trials on the same vaccines (as only this is ethical). No side by side human trials will ever be done.

        Here are the results:
        All show autism like (immune deficiency) results. Autism is related to infection and neuron death accross the blood brain barrier.
        – Rhesus Monkey trial (Dr L Hewetson), monkeys have autism like reaction to MMR vaccines (Univesity of Pittsburg Vacccine study). Published in Acta Neurobiological 2010. Used vaccine exposed and saline injected control groups. Had MRI and PET scans to confirm. Monkeys also showed same gastrointestinal issues described by Dr Wakefield.

        – Scientific evidence of vaccine damage in dogs (Purdue School of Veternary Medicine). Tested vaccines to see if life threatening immune mediated desieses would occure. Found that vac dogs systems were attacking their own fibronectin (tissue repair, cell growth), developed antibodies against their own DNA. They developed auto immune desiese when vac.

        – Neurological adverse events in vacination (Department of Paed Rehabilitation, University of Bialystok). Says adverse effects manifest 48 hours after vac, hyper responsive episodes, post vaccinal encephalitis, encephalopathy, autism. Adjuvant makes system attack it’s own tissue, brain. Autoimmunity and Autism are closely related.

  79. […] an amazing mom, friend and blogger who creates compelling and credible content on everything from vaccines to tongue-tied babies to awesome recipes. She also created the fantastic Nourished Baby book, […]

  80. […] real risk factors like vaccines and chemical-laden mattresses get a nice, squishy hug from government agencies, parents are being […]

  81. […] Personally, I these compounds are most likely to have an effect if other factors are present – a vaccine reaction, serious illness, underdeveloped neurology with respect to breathing patterns, etc. Now that we […]

  82. Diana says:

    Hello All,

    Thank goodness I found this via a naturally conscious mommy-friend of mine!

    I have too many questions but the most pressing are concerning my genetic disorder and family medical history.

    I have HHT:
    In short it fuzes some arteries and veins making people prone to blood clots and aneurysms. My child has a 50% chance of contracting this. I am currently 7 months pregnant, I have had testing and do not have any AVMs in my brain, intestines or lungs.. I am however schedules for an MRI without contrast in a week..

    1. I just saw that x-rays contribute to early cancer, I have been told the MRI is ‘safe’ and after some research I have concluded to go through with it. Here are my reasons: I want a natural birth, if something were to go horrifically wrong and I had to have a C-section I want to be conscious for the arrival of my son. The MRI is being used to find AVMs in my spinal chord to see if I can even have an epidural (if it comes to it).

    2. Because of my HHT and my mother’s lupus I am concerned about the effect vaccines will have on my child (especially Vitamin K because of it’s clotting element) I want to substitute this vaccine with supplements while breastfeeding (on my breasts). I am also concerned about one of the Hep Vaccines (almost positive B) that has a 17-26% severe reaction or infant mortality rate in those who have pre-existing auto immune diseases.

    3. My partner’s cousin’s son has autism and the vaccine reaction also concerns me, my vitamin levels are good (I’ve always been a conscious vitamin taker) I just really need some alternative information to make my birth plan with.

    Please help, I am a new scared young mother and I can’t trust most people let alone (some) mainstream Dr.s who just want to make a buck..

    Thank You!!


  83. Amanda says:

    Please talk to us about vaccines and herd immunity. Pretty please?

  84. Elena says:

    Hi! I’m new on here and first time reading this type Of article. I vaccinated my first son on schedule like the CDC says, no breast feeding bc that thought disgusted me (I was 18 at the time). My son was born at 32 weeks and weighed 5lbs.I have yet to have a health problem with him. He hardly if ever gets sick and the only time he did have constant strep infections was when he was in daycare. 5 yrs later I had my 2nd son. Healthy 8lb baby boy born at 39 weeks. This time around I decided to give bf a chance and I had decide not to vaccinate. 2weeks old and starts with resp problems. 6weeks old starts with allergies. And my theory is that all of it was caused because of the breast feeding. I know research shows that bf should help with their immune system but apparently it doesnt always happen that way. I only started vaccinating him at 10months bc his allergies and resp problems have gotten so bad he can’t even play outside without breaking out. My point being maybe it’s not the vaccines but the genes. I see that people believe that vaccines cause these things yet my son has gotten most of the “side effects” without even being vaccinated. I also believe that ethnicity has a lot to do with it. I’m still at a stand still bc I have one of each and with baby #3 idk what to do. Do I repeat what I did with baby #1 or baby #2 and take a gamble? It’s all so confusing :-/

  85. laney says:

    But SIDS has decreased dramatically in the past 30 years and vaccinations have increased dramatically in the same timeframe, so I’m not sure that I understand the logic or the connection.

  86. Jamie says:

    Hmm, many studies have shown no connection between vaccines and Sid or autism , and it is a fact that children and adults are dying because of not being vaccinated for measles etc. simply google news for measles and read. I would do more research and think very hard about this even if there is some unproven risk to vaccinating, risk of not vaccinating is greater. One of our civilizations greatest lifesavers was the advent of vaccines – smallpox, polio, measles, mumps – these diseases used to kill and cripple and disfigure tens of millions of people a year and they will start again without vaccinations.

    • Heather says:

      The common flu has a fatality rate that is 6.8% higher than the measles (

      Regarding the eradication of diseases: Some experts credit vaccines with eradicating certain diseases even though most rates of infection dropped AFTER sanitation practices improved yet BEFORE vaccines were introduced. One disease – typhus – disappeared before anyone got around to introducing a vaccine for it.

      • Jamie says:

        Before measles vaccine in 1963 (well after modern hygiene) approx 400,000 cases a year in US, less than 5 years later, only a few thousand cases a year, and last year only 118, most of those foreign unvaccinated or unvaccinated children. Vaccines work and have saved many many more lives than they have harmed.

  87. Zen says:

    I will no longer be reading your blog.

  88. Leanne says:

    One day everyone will look back in history and see vaccines as being one of the most horrific crimes commited against the population.

  89. Courtney says:

    My 2 month old daughter just had her first doctor’s appointment today and it was the first time I met her doctor. I was scared to death he was going to yell at me for not wanting to vaccinate right away. But he was so nice and is fine with us putting them off a few years. I was so relieved.
    I wish more people would research into vaccinations and make educated decisions and not just vaccinate because its the norm.

    • misty says:

      Just remember, they work for you. You employ them. All medical procedures are “recommended” its up to you to decide whats right for you. Good for you standing up!!

  90. misty says:

    Love, love, love this article. Thank you for tackling this subject, it has become so taboo for some folks.



  91. Jamie says:

    Heather – the graphics you site show Mortality rates (deaths caused by disease), not the cases of the disease which are two very different things – Yes mortality drastically declined before vaccines do to better medical practices, but actual cases (where death did not occur) have a far less dramatic decline until vaccines – where they vanish. You were far less likely to die from measles in 1920 than in 1820, but a small percentage still did – do you want to take that unnecessary chance with your children (even if the odds are good)?

  92. Allison says:

    I hope no babies die of whooping cough (or any other preventable disease) due to your misguided information. Re-learn your basic college level biology, think critically about other possible causes of SIDS (cigarette smoking in the house, etc) and stop passing along ridiculous pseudo-science. Because misguided moms are making decisions that don’t involve vaccines for their babies, we have infants DYING of whooping cough in Washington and Oregon at rates unseen in decades. Two days after our daughter was born, the doctor made sure that not only I was vaccinated, but my husband and all children in the house were, too.

    • Kristi says:

      My sister died of SIDS two weeks after getting this vaccine. There were no smokers in the house. Crap happens. Be educated and choose your own risks, but know that neither side is risk-free.

  93. Allison says:

    I’m always so sad to hear of SIDS deaths, and Kristi, my condolences. I don’t mean to victimize/ criticize people more who have chosen to go the no-vaccine route, however… I work with kids. At the behest of not one but *three* healthcare specialists, I was strongly advised to get a 7-shot series of vaccines when I worked with ONE unvaccinated child, because (as the specialists emphasized), this child could pass on a disease to me, which could then in turn infect my then-newborn daughter. I could ignore one doctor… but not three, who independently all advised the same thing. As for SIDS, I’m absolutely terrified of having something like that happen. I’ve invested in an Angel monitor for the crib, and while it’s not a “medical” device by any means, it does accurately sense if a baby hasn’t taken a breath or had a movement. I highly recommend one for anyone who, like me, has fears of SIDS but doesn’t want to risk possibly preventable deaths.

  94. Thanks for posting this. Makes it very easy for me to confirm my research and you’ve used very similar graphs I’m familiar with. I too have a blog where I’ve tried to collect all that I know and find alternative remedies instead of drugs and vaccinations. Thanks so much for all your helpful input. I wish we had more people in this world like you to help get the CDC to stop acting blind to evil.

  95. Amanda says:

    We recently lost our son due to “sids” at 4 months 8 days old.
    He had his 4 month shots on a friday and we lost him sunday night. You cant convince me otherwise that these vaccines had to of played a part.
    With this being said Im looking for more information on the matter. Is there someone/somewhere out there that i can contact? I would like to be able to use our tragedy to help other people and prevent this from happening to others.
    Any help would be much appreciated!

    • Heather says:

      Amanda, there are just no words. I am so very sorry for your loss. If it were me, I would report the loss of my son to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System ( and get in touch with the people at the National Vaccine Information Center ( They have information about vaccines and vaccine law/policy plus resources and their own reporting system where you can share your son’s story and photo. Again, it breaks my heart to even have to write these words to you. Holding you and your family in my heart today.

  96. Amanda says:

    Thank you so much!

  97. Jim says:

    My sister died from “SIDS” in September of 1979 at 10 months old. My mother, other sister, and myself were all present as she passed away. My mother is a degreed heathcare provider and attempted to revive her unsucessfully. Needless to say this was a tragic loss in our family still affects still to this day. The troubling part is that my sister who passed away had been vaccinated (within a week or less). She went into a crying / screaming espisode and just stopped breathing. Of course, my mom was questioned at the hospital as potentially having something to do with the death somehow. I have know for years that it was most likely related to the vaccinations with various news casts and through some limited research. As a matter of fact, my surviving sister and myself have refused to get our children the “questionable” vaccinations and they are some of the healthiest children I know despite the pressure from our pediatricians to have them vaccinated.

    My question is, how can her death be reported as or investigated to properly show it was not SIDS and was related to the vaccinations. I think this would be fair for my mother who still has tremendous guilt over the experience. Thanks!

    • Heather says:

      Jim, I am so sorry for your family’s loss. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is likely to be any way to link it back to vaccines at this point, though if it were me I would suspect (as you do) that it may have been the cause.

  98. […] you know we’re health enthusiasts anyway.  We commonly read the websites of Dr. Mercola, The Mommypotamus, and The Health Ranger (who many probably just think is a nut), and we try to stay up on the best […]

  99. […] Personally, I these compounds are most likely to have an effect if other factors are present – a vaccine reaction, serious illness, underdeveloped neurology with respect to breathing patterns, etc. Now that we […]

  100. Lauren says:

    Do you have advice for parents who are choosing to vaccinate? I have decided to space out round 3, our daughter’s six month shots, since she had a pretty bad fever and a lot of discomfort after the last round. I don’t feel comfortable stopping vaccinations but we also just started co-sleeping and I want to be as safe as possible when combining these! Maybe the solution is putting her in the crib during the critical days after vaccination? Her crib is right next to my side of the bed she just doesn’t like to sleep in it…

  101. Faith says:

    Our daughter only had her first round of vaccinations. Thank God I did a ton of research and held off all further vaccinations. She is a perfectly healthy 19 month old. Don’t believe your doctor, the Amish don’t vaccinate they don’t have Sids or Autism. Doctor’s only know what Big Pharm teaches them.

  102. Kelly says:

    Just curious, what type of mattress do y’all use? Or what type does Levi sleep on? We got the no vaccination thing down, but now I want to get a new mattress and there is just a lot of info out there! We are leaning towards latex but my husband is hesitant due to price and lack of info. Thanks so much, Heather! Your blog is fantastic :-)

  103. Jessie says:


    I have 9 siblings, and a dozen nieces and nephews. In my family, after me (I was number 2) my refused to vaccinate until we were 8 or 9, and then only for the most severe diseases (Ie, not chicken pox, etc.). Her siblings and in-laws gave her a lot of crap for it, but she stuck to her guns. Why?

    When I was a year old, I received my first DTP shot. 12 or so hours later, my mom woke up in the middle of the night suddenly worried, when into my room and found me blue and not breathing. She got me breathing again, and took me in – the doctors said I had a “rare reaction” and took DTP out of my schedule. at 12, I was inoculated separately for 2 of the 3, but that’s it. Ever since then, my mom refused to vaccinate young. (another sibling passed out at 6 years old 30 min after a MMR shot, further re-enforcing my mom’s opinion.)

    Now, I’m an adult and looking into vaccines…and I see “debunked” studies about DTP leading to SIDS. Huh. Funny, doesn’t seem to far out there to ME!

    Grateful for a mom that didn’t back down, even when people called her uneducated and reactionary.

  104. Expectantmom says:

    Does anyone have info on the Hep B vaccine? I really am against vaccines but I am wondering if this one might be necessary….not sure where to go to find out more info!

  105. Kirsten says:

    my daughter died of SIDS…. or what they are referring to more now as SUID (Sudden Unexplained Infant Death) She was not vaccinated at all, and she didn’t die in a crib either. I would just like to note during autopsy, they say they can tell if babies had a vaccine reaction…. although I am unsure on the details. I know there are families in my loss group that have to wait a very long time on cause of death because of this… and Im not sure how they limit the diagnosis. which would not technically make it an unknown death….. but the classification of infant deaths is a very hot topic to parents of lost infants. I got an ‘unknown’ some parents have had to fight back after getting an asphyxiation cause because ‘they dont put unknown in their county’ or some people get SIDS, some get SUID… the statistics are just all screwed up. A lot of research is going into a cause being a brainstem abnormality. And a lot of people also think it is a ‘great storm’ when multiple risk factors and unperfect situations cause a terrible tragedy.

  106. Amanda says:

    I just had to comment on the x-ray of pregnant women. I am an x-ray tech and old school doctors still order pelvimetry x-rays, or x-rays of pregnant women to see if the baby can fit through the pelvis. When I was a student I could not believe it. So I just wanted to point out that the practice is NOT abandoned as you mentioned but very alive still today! Another thing is that women come into the hospital all the time for stubbing their toes or pinching their fingers and WANT an x-ray. I cannot tell them, “If I were you…” they have no understanding of what could possibly happen to their unborn child, and when the baby is born people are all to excited to get their children CT’d or x-rayed. If it were me I would NOT do this, not because of gonads being radiated but the thyroid, and eyes are very, very sensitive to radiation. These are the cancers I am sure we will be seeing much more of soon in young people.

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