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Weekend in Pictures

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Three Generations (and yes, Katie likes my sister best)

Katie and her cousin Conner enjoying the carrot cake she made for his birthday.

30 Weeks . . . I think we’re finally getting somewhere with the whole name thing!

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8 Responses to Weekend in Pictures

  1. Donnellyn Dominguez says:

    Your pictures are adorable and I love your blog!! Can’t wait to spend time with you again…soon I hope!

  2. Linda says:

    What a beautiful family! And I am in love with the picture of you sitting holding your baby belly :-) The one in the top left corner. Beautiful pics!

  3. Melanie Buck says:

    You look so beautiful. I can taste Gigi’s carrot cake.

  4. ElisabethCS says:

    oh, I’m curious about the name! We have kept the first name of this baby a secret. It’s been fun for the kids. We have gotten used to using the name at home…have slipped a few times on the phone with family, but to my surprise, they weren’t listening for it. We Will be announcing the name with a picture, I ordered a personalized hat off etsy for him to wear on his “birth-day”.

    You look so lovely! I look pregnant in my face and my arms. lol

    • Heather says:

      So you’re having a boy! We don’t know what we’re having yet so we’re still sifting through boy and girl names. I made the mistake of telling my mom one of our choices the other day and got a less than stellar response, so Daniel and I have decided to keep it a secret as well. I didn’t think there would be any fun in that, but there is!

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