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Whole Wheat Sourdough Waffles

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Hey! Why Didn’t You Save Me A Spot?!?!?

It was [virtual] standing room only in Ann Marie’s wholev grains webinar last night and, um, I couldn’t get in. Tried to bribe the bouncer and everything. Hmph!

No worries, though, because Ann Marie is giving us an exclusive peek today into her Healthy Whole Grains cooking class! Before I step aside and let her do her thing, I just want to mention that you have just two more days to use coupon SPROUT20 and save $70 off the regular enrollment price. (Sign up here!) Okay, moving to the side now . . . . .  heeeeeeeere’s Ann Marie!!!!

Ann Marie: These waffles are the BOMB! The great thing is you can use up your leftover sourdough starter if you have too much and don’t know what to do with it. It’s good if the sourdough starter is active when you make them, but I’ve made the waffles with not so active starter (starter that has been in the fridge for a few days) and they still come out great.

You can make a bunch of it ahead of time and freeze them. We eat them throughout the week like Eggo waffles — just pop them in the toaster.

If you want waffles for say Sunday morning, just start some starter going Sat morning, and feed it again in the afternoon and again when you go to bed, and you’ll have active starter Sunday morning. Then you can also do your bread baking on Sunday. So easy!




1. Mix everything together in a bowl.
2. Heat up your waffle iron. If using cast iron waffle iron, make sure you put enough butter or coconut oil on it — otherwise the waffles will stick.
3. Pour about 1/4-1/2 (depends on the size of your iron but I usually use 1/3 cup) of a cup of waffle batter on the waffle iron. Close and let it cook evenly on both sides until golden brown.
4. I like to set my oven at 200 degrees and put the waffles in there to keep warm while I finish making them.
5. Serve warm with butter and real maple syrup.

Ann Marie: I recommend this cast iron waffle maker on Amazon –It’s the only one I’ve been able to find that doesn’t have teflon. When it arrives put it in the oven for a few hours before using and let all the nasty cancer-causing paraffin wax drip of, then scrub it really well with hot soap and water. It’s then ready to season in the oven with coconut oil or lard or tallow. (Update: Read Dyno-Mom’s comment below for another method to clean your new waffle iron!)

Heather: Oh wow, I get asked all the time about teflon-free waffle irons but I thought they were mythical inventions like unicorns and children that sleep in after 7am. Putting on my wishlist in 3 . . . 2. . . 1 . . . check!

Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by today, Ann Marie. I had no idea sourdough waffles were so easy!

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17 Responses to Whole Wheat Sourdough Waffles

  1. Samantha Salyer Jacokes via FB says:

    Where do you get sourdough starter? I’ve been wanting to try making my own bread. Thanks!

  2. Gissel Delvillar Orellana via FB says:

    Samantha I was just thinking the same.

  3. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    There is a great company that sell them on my resources page :)

  4. Gissel Delvillar Orellana via FB says:

    I’ve never worked with sourdough so I’m totally new at this. Would it make it takes like bread. My kids love waffles and I don’t want to buy the organic in a box frozen waffles.

  5. Melissa @ Dyno-mom says:

    Lehman’s catalog also offers cast iron waffle irons, FYI. They are the Amish goods provider with loads of off-grid products. But I would also suggest that if it is possible, your readers might want to try removing wax coatings and seasoning not in the oven but on the grill outside. It can smoke and I always do it out of doors. When scrubbing my cast iron, I use cheap iodized salt mixed with the soap to make it gritty and for small crevices (like a waffle iron) an old toothbrush works great.

    Hope lots of folks try sourdough waffles after this! We love them!

  6. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Yes it tastes like bread with a little tang. Doesn’t sound like it would work for waffles but it’s actually the perfect balance to the sweetness of the syrup/jam

  7. Amanda says:

    I’m so annoyed. I signed up for that webinar but when I tried to login into it, it wouldn’t work because I use linux. I was NOT happy.

  8. Carol says:

    The cast iron waffle irons are great!
    I have a VERY old one that sits in a cradle over the burner, have never owned another waffle iron. For those used to regular electric waffle irons the waffles do cook up a bit differently in the cast iron that the electric, a little more crispy is the only way I can think to explain it.
    I will have to try Anne Marie’s recipe, it is slightly different than the one I use that I have from my grandmother. Mine are still sourdough though.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe with all of us.

  9. Anna D says:

    great receipt!!!! I have the same waffle maker!!!! have to try right away!!!!! thank you!

  10. Tiffany Kasprzak Young via FB says:

    So I have never used a starter( I don’t really even understand it) but would love to start. Can you give me some more info on them.

  11. rawkinmom says:

    I like how these turned out…I have a waffle maker but they come out very big and fat…I would like a skinnier waffle…maybe because of the dough I use….hmmmm….

  12. Kate says:

    Hey there,

    Saw that a few of you are looking to make a Sourdough Starter. I have made a sourdough starter quite a few times from scratch. It is SUPER easy!

    Day 1- mix with your hands 1 cup whole wheat flour with enough warm water to make a mix like pancake batter.
    Day 2. Toss half then add 1 cup flour and enough warm water to make it like pancake batter.
    Day 3-5 Repeat day two until you have a beautiful, bubbly starter!

    It has worked every time! The key is to use whole wheat flour, preferably fresh, and for the first few feedings mix with your hands. There are organisms on your hands that will help it get going.

    Have fun!

  13. 60 Ways to Transform Everyday Sourdough into Something Extraordinary - The Aliso Kitchen says:

    […] Whole Wheat Sourdough Waffles by Mommypotamous […]

  14. Tyler says:

    Awesome recipe – entire family LOVED it! My favorite part is that, with a little bit of set up and help from mom, my 3 year old can make it!

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