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You May Be An Unconventional Mama If . . . (Part 2)

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young woman looking for food in refrigerator

 . . . you have to tell your guests to be careful which icecream bucket they pull out of the freezer… one is homemade icecream, the other one has from placenta from our homebirth!” Rachael

. . . you have to throw out a Scoby that has gotten particularly large and out of control, and your 6-year-old stages a full on right-to-life demonstration, citing several convincing facts about why it should be allowed to live on. – Linzy

Your husband enters the minivan and notices everyone smells like garlic, he feels left out and says “no one offered me any garlic” – Vero

Your medicine cabinet looks the same as your spice cabinet. – Sarah

You eat “dog treats”(raw cheese) with crackers as a regular snack. – Marybeth


When “Rub some coconut oil on it!” is your answer for every complaint. – Lindsey

When your kids play “restaurant” and tell you everything is organic and GMO free. ~ Sarah

You say things like “Leftover scobies are a great chicken treat! I cut them up into approximately bug-sized bits, and the ladies go crazy over them. It turns out the dogs like them, too! Hey, it’s protein and good microbes, what could be better?” – Jeanmarie

“Your water breaks while getting an infusion of iron in the hospital and you immediately rush home to give birth.” – Jessica

“When your daughter runs around saying, ‘Do you like my makeup? My mom made it out of food.'” – Kayla

“When your wall art is placenta prints.” – Angela

Baby lama sucking milk

“When you go to the zoo and get really excited to see some of the animals breastfeeding (in public, not covered!).” – Sara

“At a party with catered BBQ, your kids see the tray of white bread and squeal, “Mama, can we have some of that duck bread?!”. (We’ve only ever bought it to feed the ducks at the pond.)” – Angelina

“… you beg to take home the leftover turkey carcass from big holiday dinners. (As if anyone else was gonna fight you for it…)” – Christy

“…when you have to label your jars so you can tell the fermented chicken feed apart from the fermented grains you’re making for lunch tomorrow.” – Elisabeth

“when you use your built in microwave as storage for fermenting yogurt or as a bread box.” – Amanda

High five to the unconventional mamas who inspired this post via these comments on the original post. There were many more that made me giggle, but this is a pretty good sampling of the overall theme.

Now it’s your turn! What did we miss?

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38 Responses to You May Be An Unconventional Mama If . . . (Part 2)

  1. Rose says:

    When your daughter grabs a stick of butter and eats it and you encourage her:)

  2. Vicky says:

    When your daughter comes home from a friend house and remarks that their milk tastes funny. (We drink raw and they drink skim… ewww)

  3. Abby says:

    When you light up with glee as your 3 year old tells you how delish her plate of sauted chicken hearts are! :)

  4. stephanie hoops says:

    Your employment is at a healthcare facility with a flu outbreak, and your boss offers free tamiflu. You kindly decline and let her know you already upped your fermented cod liver oil intake.

  5. Zeffie says:

    When your 2-year-old picks up his auntie’s mascara tube and says, “Mama, that’s toxic.” Or when he caught me spraying hairspray (homemade in an old bottle) and panics saying, “Mama, what is that poison? That’s not good for me!”

  6. Megan Alba says:

    When you ask a houseguest if they’d like to try some milk, & they panic because they don’t know if you mean breast milk or raw milk.

  7. Lori says:

    When your kids ask for cooked onions on their chest because they have congestion. Or they ask which herbs they need for something that ails them.

  8. Ashley says:

    Your 2 year old throws a knock down, drag out tantrum when she sees someone else eating bell peppers and she doesn’t have any on her plate.

  9. Sandy McG-B says:

    Ooooh, that solved the problem of where to put the sauerkraut I want to try making! I never thought of the microwave! Brilliant! Ours gets used to heat wheat bags and that’s about it!

  10. LB says:

    …when your homemade all-purpose cleaner could feasibly double as a salad dressing.

  11. Ali says:

    I just LOVED reading all of these quotes/incidences!! They put a huge smile on my face, as I can completely relate to a majority of them :) It’s so encouraging finding out there are many others who are on board with true real health/nutrition/food/living. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Kirsten V says:

    When your baby is kind of ho-hum about solids…until you offer her a lacto-fermented carrot stick!

  13. Erica says:

    When you go to the grocery store and you child picks out a grapefruit as a reward for good behavior

  14. Amy A says:

    When your 8-yr-old says, “Wait…was this fried? Did I just eat trans fats?”

  15. Amy A says:

    When your 8-yr-old reads the ingredients list of some delicious looking but terribly unhealthy food item and complains that everything has hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup in it.

  16. Emma says:

    You know your family is unconventional when your brother comes home for easter break, eyes the soup that your mother made for the occasion, and cries, “FAT!!” rapturously as he picks off a floating bit of the stock base that made it into the soup.

  17. Sara I says:

    When your 4 year old son tells his 2 year old sister while playing “I can make your carrot, beet, celery juice after I finish breastfeedin’ this baby.” (Baby gorilla was the lucky baby that day)

  18. Sara I says:

    When Your kids Easter baskets consist of homemade gardening aprons, organic local seeds, organic local honey and jam, ear candles, fresh produce and himalayan salt lamps.

  19. Kaelin Kiesel-Germann says:

    when your 2 year old knows the sign language sign for “more liver pate”

    when your friend asks you to stay for lunch and you say, “sorry, I can’t, I have to go home and milk the cow”

    When your friends come over and swing open the fridge looking for a snack abruptly slam it shut again because they have no idea what is actually in there or how to begin eating it.

  20. Jess @ Crunchy Hot Mama says:

    When you ask your 2-year-old if she wants kipper or tuna, while at the grocery store, and she yells excitedly, ‘Oh, can we get sardines!?’

    When your 2-year-old plucks a piece of kale from the garden and asks if we can make a smoothie.

  21. Danielle says:

    When, at the dinner table, your mom tries a lacto-fermented pickle and spits it out, complaining it tastes like salt water, while your children peer at her with utter confusion.

  22. Marnita says:

    When your 9 year old tells his younger cousin why raw milk is good for him.
    When you sister in law calls you up because her son is eating weeds in the yard and says I told him it was okay.

  23. Amber Talbot says:

    When your 5 year old makes signs to put on all of the doors of the house that say “NO GMOs!”

  24. March Link Love says:

    […] You Might Be An Unconventional Mama If […]

  25. Beth McGowen says:

    When your 11 year old only wants to buy groceries from local organic farmer’s markets and butcher shops, asks the waiters at restaurants if they have any Kombucha and if the meat is grass-fed, and then you overhear him schooling the neighborhood kids on why drinking Mt Dew is bad and how we should all dig up our grass and plant gardens instead.

  26. Jenn Malik says:

    When your son tries to breastfeed his glo-worm and complains about having to use a blanket because it makes his “baby” too hot.

  27. Stacy W says:

    When your 3yr old is watching Snow White for the first time and says, “Snow White fell after eating the apple cause the apple wasn’t organic”

  28. Zeffie says:

    When Jack doesn’t want to eat something he says, “Mama, I don’t want that. It has toxic gmo’s.”

    You’re walking through the grocery store and your 2-year-old frequently asks, “Mama, did the Monsanto-monster get in this food?”

  29. Colette says:

    When your child says he didn’t eat much at his friends house because he prefers Mummys food and the grape juice you make (water kefir with raisins) and your daughter regularly asks for pickles (fermented vegetables). Also when your husband (my 3rd child :) no longer questions the funky smells in the kitchen or the fact that you have calendula infusing in oil in a double boiler on the stove, just asks which one of my balms would be good for a headache!

  30. catherine says:

    when you have a serious discussion with a friend on whether or not breastmilk has a high enough fat content to make yogurt. (I’m still going to try it when baby is old enough for yogurt…thoughts anyone?)

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