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DIY Natural Shaving Cream

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Silky Soft Skin…

Is possible, even without weird foaming agents, antifreeze and hormone disruptors in your shaving cream. (source) This alternative nourishes and protects sensitive skin while helping you get a good, close shave. Say goodbye to dry, itchy skin and razor burn!

Tips For A Good Shave

1. Use a good quality razor that it easy to clean

2. Shave toward the end of your shower/bath so that the pores of your skin have plenty of time to warm up.

3. Rinse the blades as needed while shaving. I keep a little cup of water in the shower to swish the razor in or wipe it on a wet washcloth.

Note: This shaving cream does not lather and should be applied as a thin layer. The texture is a cross between shaving oil and shaving soap.

DIY Natural Shaving Cream Recipe

To use, apply a thin layer to skin and shave. Makes about 4-6 ounces whipped.


* HUGE thanks to Sarah Crawford for suggesting this addition to the original formula!


Step 1: In a small saucepan, melt shea butter and coconut oil over the lowest heat setting on the stove. Stir occasionally until fully melted.


Step 2: Add olive oil and stir until fully blended. Remove from heat.


Step 3: Transfer mixture to a medium-sized bowl or any size jar and place in the fridge until it’s solid.


Step 4: Remove from fridge and get ready to whip it up. If it’s in a jar you’ll need to transfer it to a medium-sized bowl first. Whip using a hand mixer or stand mixer. Scrape sides down as needed. Whip until fluffy ~ about 3-4 minutes depending on how cold your mixture is – then add castile soap and whip until fully combined.



Step 5: Spoon shaving cream into an airtight container and store in a cool, dry place.



The ingredients in this recipe are shelf stable for quite a long time on their own without a preservative. However, if water gets into the jar they will spoil much more quickly. I pat my hands dry with a towel hanging right outside the shower before scooping the shaving cream out.

This formula can make the tub/shower floor slippery. It usually doesn’t if you’re just using what you need to shave with – about a quarter-sized amount for each leg – but it can. Take extra care and/or consider using a non-slip surface like a bath mat.

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How to shave with coconut oil 

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110 Responses to DIY Natural Shaving Cream

  1. Esther says:

    Thos is perfect timing!!
    I decided to throw out any and all things including food that was toxic.Shame is I hadn’t thought it through before doing it&didnt have a natural alternative in place…so when I heard “where’s my shaving cream?!”come from the bathroom I winced:P
    This is a perfect way to make it up to my hubby:D
    Thanks Heather!!

  2. Loretta says:

    I’ve just been shaving with soap since I stopped buying shaving cream (years and years ago!), but I was just thinking how nice it would be to come up with a shaving cream recipe. Now I don’t have to! Thanks so much! All of your recipes are so amazing and fun :)

  3. […] I started looking around for a homemade shaving cream because I have very sensitive skin. In the winter it is worse due to Keratosis Pilaris (AKA chicken skin) which is in part due to a vitamin A and D imbalance and a loving gift from my father’s genes. Skin issues or not, who doesn’t want to feel pampered with a luscious shaving cream, while also feeling good that no harmful chemicals will be in contact with your precious skin? Click To Keep Reading […]

  4. Sandie says:

    have you tried putting this in a jar with a pump? seems like it would be much easier to dispense while keeping water out.

  5. Kierstan says:

    Would this clog my bathroom sink? My husband shaves there before he takes a shower, and all that coconut oil would worry me…

    • Heather says:

      Hi Kierstan, I haven’t had an issue with it. If you think about it, we often rinse/bathe with the oils from lotion/body butters on our skin. I’m not a plumber, but I think plumbing is designed to handle that. Also, the amount needed is pretty small. Hope that helps!

    • Alayna says:

      Kierstan, maybe try adding some vinegar down your drains every so often? It neutralizes odors and prevents clogs.. and is septic safe. :)

  6. mmw says:

    what is the shelf life?

    • Heather says:

      Almond oil has a pretty short shelf life but the rest are pretty stable. Assuming moisture isn’t introduced I’m comfortable using mine for 3 months or so.

  7. Crystal b. says:

    yes i would like to know too if this will clog the drain? thanks!

    • Amanda @ Mommypotamus Support says:

      Hi Crystal, I haven’t had an issue with it. If you think about it, we often rinse/bathe with the oils from lotion/body butters on our skin. I’m not a plumber, but I think plumbing is designed to handle that. Also, the amount needed is pretty small. Hope that helps!

  8. lmsalim says:

    thanks for the recipe!
    i’m no fan of carcinogens, nor hormone disruptors in my skin care products, but please, don’t call the latter ‘gender benders’. it’s pretty offensive.

    • Hondo says:

      I think we all need to not get offended so easily, especially when someone obviously doesn’t mean it that way.
      People are allowed to get offended all they want, but people should also be allowed to speak without fear of always offending someone. Please keep this in mind.

  9. This is great! My husband loves his shaving cream and I’m trying to make more products at home. And I could use some shave cream too!

  10. Stacey says:

    What about glycerin? My husband shaves with a safety razor and swears it’s a key ingredient in the European/imported shaving creams he uses. Also, any women out there using a safety razor? I know it’s a great way to save BIG money, but I’m still using my (very pricey) Venus.

    • Heather says:

      I use glycerin in some of my other beauty recipes but have never heard of it for shaving. May be worth looking into!

    • Cari says:

      Hi Stacey,

      I converted to a safety razor a few months ago and honestly, I can’t say that it’s better. I cut my legs all the time and I don’t seem to get as close of a shave. The reason I switched, though, is because the safety razors are easier to clean when using these thick, homemade shave gels.

  11. Sandra Pinto says:

    Hi Heather, sorry to post this here, but I wasn’t sure how else to contact you. I purchased the DIY Organic Beauty Recipes. The order went through Paypal Jan 30, 2014, but I never received any email or link to download the PDF. If you could look into it for me I would appreciate it. Love the shaving cream BTW. Looking forward to trying more DIY.

  12. Alicia says:

    This is great! Are there any possible substitutes for Shea butter? My mom is allergic and she’s trying to switch over to natural products.

  13. shir says:

    Hi heather, what can i use insted of castile soap if i dont have it?

    • Heather says:

      Hi Shir, you can just leave it out. You’ll have to rinse your razor more often while you shave but your legs will be nice and moisturized when you’re done! Quick hint: When I’ve used this formula without castile soap I kept a cup of water to swish my razor in.

  14. This recipe is fantastic! And just the kind of alternatives we need in order to get away from slathering toxic chemicals on our skin each day. It is a scary statistic that the average teen leaves the house with no fewer than 150 chemicals smeared on their skin every day. And those do get absorbed into our bodies, some more than others. You can assume a minimum of 10% of what we put on our bodies is absorbed into it.

  15. Garage Gyms says:

    How’s this recipe on the face?

    • Heather says:

      My husband uses an electric razor so I can’t say for sure, but I think it would work well.

    • Michelle Shanks says:

      My husband uses this on his face (minus the castle) and it works wonderfully. His face is really smooth. I might try it with the soap next time though.

    • Renae says:

      My husband loves this shaving cream for his face. He prefers the version without the Castile soap. When he uses the version with the soap, he gets razor burns and bumps on his face and neck. Without the Castile soap, his face cleans up nice and smooth. With that said, I prefer the Castile version when shaving my legs :)

  16. When you say Castile soap are you referring to liquid soap? I am going to give this a try today! Thanks !

  17. corinne says:

    My mixture doesn’t seem to be getting solid- how long does it take in the fridge?

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  19. Coryann says:

    Just wanted to say this was amazing. So easy to make and i used it last night and it was wonderful! I even got goosebumps in the shower which usually cause razor burn but nothing this am, just silky smooth, non irritated legs! Keep up the awesomeness!

  20. Does it melt and separate in the heat? Coconut oil makes a mess here in FL in DIY deodorants.

  21. Tamzen says:

    Do you think it will be okay to use hemp oil instead of almond oil?

  22. Jennette Miller says:


    Are there other things I can use all the ingredients for? I’m new to making organic items and the only thing I have in stock is the olive oil.


  23. Michelle says:

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. Excited to try it. Wondering if essential oils can be added?

  24. […] are ones for shaving cream as well. I have found and tried the recipe on I loved Heather’s homemade shaving cream idea. Made with coconut oil, Shea butter, and olive/jojoba oil imagine how smooth and soft your skin […]

  25. Xandra Phillips says:

    I’ve seen other recipes without the castile soap, why do you say it’s necessary?

  26. Beth says:

    You must have been reading my mind! This recipe looks wonderful, I can’t wait to try it.
    I’m currently pregnant and living in Colorado, where winter can be… unpredictable. Last month, we had a week strait of that terrible cold, highs at about 0 Fahrenheit. For the past week, it had been BEAUTIFUL, mid to upper 50s, yesterday was even in the 60s. Today, it is about 15 and we are expecting more snow. Seriously, I watched the temperature drop 40 degrees in two hours yesterday afternoon/evening.
    As you can imagine, this wreaks havoc on my skin during normal, non-pregnant times. I’ve been doing my best to rid my house and beauty routine of toxins since I found out I was expecting, especially deodorant or anything that sits on my skin and gets absorbed into my body. I’ve actually shaved for YEARS without shaving cream, but I’ve noticed that my skin is more sensitive than it used to be and I think it is time to start using some again, but the thought of using that chemical laden stuff at the store makes me cringe. This is seriously perfect timing, and maybe I’ll actually take the time to shave my legs this weekend, even at 30 weeks pregnant! Thank you, Heather!

  27. Erin says:

    I’m looking forward to trying the recipe.
    However I wondered if you knew of a womens razor that doesn’t contain a ‘hydration strip’ ? All the razors I can find with replaceable blades impart some goo for months on end and the packets don’t disclose the ingredients. I live in the uk but would gladly import one!
    Many thanks

  28. Paige says:

    This looks AMAZING! I reblogged you!
    I figured if any of my peeps weren’t following you, they should be!
    I make many of our products around the house & have wondered about shaving cream. I often just use homemade bar soap & lotion good afterwards (I know, I know!) This is awesome! Thank you so much! Hopefully my husband will love it too!

  29. jayme says:

    I live this recipe but I wish the ingredients weren’t so expensive! I always think that when I see great natural diy recipes for lotion and other products. I don’t mind the extra work, it’s unfortunately the expense that gets me. I have had success shaving with straight coconut oil but don’t do it often.

    • Hi Jayme! I wince at the prices too, but keep in mind, these can all be used for other things too. I have all the ingredients for the shave cream, and I’ve made chap stick, vapor rub, and lotion with pretty much the same stuff, adding beeswax and essential oils as needed.

      I would like to know if it would be possible to freeze something like this? :-) That way I can pre-make batches and have them ready. It seems like a lot of recipes I’ve come across make rather large batches, and I would hate for anything to go to waste. And also they’d make great ready made gifts if you could freeze them. Any idea if that is possible?

  30. Is it possible to use an essential oil in this recipe?

  31. […] activity is very simple. Just fill a freezer bag with shaving cream, hair gel, aloe vera gel, clay, dry beans etc., and you have a mess free sensory activity that your […]

  32. Brian says:

    Wow, I really thought that was some sort of whipped cream or something, ha.

    That’s really cool, and a great idea…I have been looking at various oils and whatnot for shaving, but it would be awesome to have cream. Nothing really compares to a good lather, but it’s hard to find a non-chemical one.


  33. Laura says:

    Looks so good, almost want to eat it!:D

  34. Celeste says:


    Great Recipe! I know this isn’t natural, but I actually use the cheap 77 cent conditioner to shave, it works really well and leaves me legs, well, conditioned!

    Thanks again!

  35. Will the oils solidify and clog pipes? this would be a concern for me, we have a septic system.

    • Heather says:

      Hi Lisa, I have s septic system also and have not experienced an issue. Only a very thin layer is used at a time, which I would think most systems are designed to handle. After all, they’re able to handle the natural oils, lotions and stuff we rinse away :)

  36. Jen says:

    Mine isn’t getting “fluffy,” it is stuck at creamy. Help! Or will it still work?

  37. Helen says:


    I’m fairly new to this, so a question about adding the castile soap. I gather that this is in a solid form. How do you add this without the huge lumps in the shaving cream? I’ve obviously tried sticking it in a blender etc, so any tips?

    Many Thanks

  38. […] own moisturizing shaving cream. Add 2 drops of Cedarwood, 2 drops Lavender and 1 drop of Lime to a homemade shaving cream recipe. The Cedarwood is a rustic, manly scent, while the Lavender soothes the skin and Lime provides an […]

  39. […] DIY Natural Shaving Cream (my husband loves it!) […]

  40. Alison says:

    Love the consistency of this cream, but I’m finding it clogs my razor and being heavier and oil-based, I’m having a hard time thoroughly cleaning my razor once finished. Any tips/tricks?

  41. Brandy Nation says:

    Curious where you keep this? Our bath is open, like doesn’t have a door to lock in the heat/moisture, but I don’t want any of the stuff to melt if we leave it in the bathroom. So, do you store it in your bathroom, even if you aren’t using it? Thanks!

  42. Hailey says:

    Will this work for the castille part? Just didn’t know if the peppermint would matter? I’ve been needing to make other soaps as well, but needed to start with some shaving cream :)

  43. Mel says:

    I was waiting for you to reply to Jen because I’m having the same problem – but you must have missed her comment? mine won’t whip up fluffy , it’s more like a salve . I’m disappointed as I was so looking forward to this – can it be fixed – I’m not sure what went wrong :-(

    • Heather says:

      Hi Mel, I can’t say for sure but I wonder if maybe it just needed to whip a bit longer. It does go through a thicker stage before it becomes fluffy. However, after awhile the fluffiness settles and the final product can sometimes be more like a salve. As I mention in the post, the texture is a cross between shaving oil and shaving soap.

      • Katie says:

        Mine is a pure liquid consistency…it solidified in the fridge but when I whipped it, it never got thick again. I whipped for almost 10 minutes (I would have stopped had I seen any changes but I didn’t). Thoughts? I followed the recipe exactly.

  44. Jasmine says:

    How much does it matter when you add the castille soap? I accidentally added it before refrigerating…

  45. […] DIY Natural Shaving Cream by Heather at Mommypotamus […]

  46. Anne says:

    Hey this was a great recipe, so great that I featured it in my blog!
    Check it out if you’d like! Thanks for the awesome tutorial! :)

  47. sam says:

    is there any alternative for shea butter???i live in the philippines and shea butter are way too pricey and im just a college student .

  48. Renata says:


    I’d like to know if instead of the castile soap I could use johnson’s baby liquid soap. I’m from Brazil and I can’t find it anywhere.


  49. […] a brand-new, high-quality razor.  So I decided to give homemade shaving cream a try.  THIS recipe worked wonders: not only does it prevent razor burn, but my hair seems to grow back more […]

  50. Melissa says:

    Is there a replacement for the coconut? I am allergic to it and many natural body product recipes have it. Thanks

  51. Kathryn says:

    I made this shave cream today. I think my Shea butter was off – it was dry and flaky – so the shave cream was a bit gritty and didn’t fluff as it should. Even still it made for an incredibly smooth shave and my legs are so very soft! All in all I’m extremely pleased with it and am sure it will be even better the next time I make it! Thank you so much for the recipe and for this amazing site.

  52. Heather says:

    Are you using RAW shea butter? I clicked on your link, but it looks like I could buy a bigger portion for less if I used Raw shea butter.

  53. Unique says:


    I know this is great for shaving the legs but can I use this to shave my bikini area (I am sensitive there) and under arms as well?

    Thank you …

  54. Avni says:

    Can this shaving cream also be used for men? And can we add essential oils to give it a nice scent?

  55. Rach says:

    Hi there, this looks amazing, cant wait to try it! Just wondering, how much does this recipe make? Sorry if this is a silly question, I know you have given the meausrements, I was just thinking that it might increase in size once it is whipped! Thanks :)

  56. Clare Benfield says:

    Hello, I just made this recipe for shaving cream today. I even doubled up the recipe. I am very disappointed in the results. My batch is nothing but lotion texture. It’s not fluffy and shaving cream constancy at all. Can you give me some advice? I was really hoping this would make plenty of shaving cream for gifts for the guys on my Christmas list. Thanks!

  57. […] Oops! As it turns out, the page had gone down due to a server issue, but based on the thread that unfolded when it went missing you guys like it as much as we do. In case you missed it, here’s my all-natural homemade shaving cream. […]

  58. Emily says:

    Would this mixture be ok stored in a metal tin?

  59. Leita says:

    Hi! I was just wondering if I can whip by hand as I do not have an electric mixer??

  60. steph says:

    I love this recipe :) I made all my Christmas presents this year and this was something I could give to all the men :) I tried posting a picture but it didnt work, so here is a link to the picture :)

  61. vicki says:

    I use coconut oil to brush my teeth with daily and it can clog your sink…so to stop that we dump baking soda followed by vinagar,wait 30 minutes or so follow that (carefully) with boiling water….about once a month…

  62. Stephanie says:

    I really like this recipe! However, as is it completely clogs razor with one swipe up your leg! I Found it needed significantly more of the soap to stop this from happening BUT when I added more soap it worked GREAT. I’d suggest at least doubling the amount or else you basically just have a good lotion.

    Also I keep it in a 2 oz silicone squeeze tube with the remainder in the refrigerator. The tube keeps it dry!

    Thanks Mommypotamus!!

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